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I joined fiverr 3-4 months ago but still i have not got any client

I joined FIVERR 3-4 months back. But still I haven’t got a single client. I regularly check the buyer requests and have updated my Gigs for a better response.
Please help me with getting clients.

Thank You

  1. Your Titles are not related to whatever the gig says.

They just don’t match - What is gaming montage? You are explaining in the gig you will edit their gaming video and in the title you say I will make you a video - your intention is not clear and the customers get confused on what you do exactly… Are you creating new gaming video for them? are you only editing ? Be Clear & Simple.

  1. Your Profile text is not looking good:

"I am student from India. I will do the given job with full efforts and wont give you any reason to complain.

I not only have proper skills but also a creative mind needed for the job.

I do my work with full focus and well I am the right person to do the job."

Student of what? What is your skills? What do you do? What do you have to offer?"
Invest in writing a respectful and serious profile text - That’s just don’t look professional.

  1. Same as this gig " I will make attractive web designs for you"

You should say as you describe “I will make you one page website”
Web designs not related and not looking serious and if you do know how to build websites why only just one page? why not full website creation?
1 Page websites are not in demand at all - Maybe if it was a Landing page with all the marketing materials than ok but it’s just not clear what you do again.

There’s more errors there but at least change the problems I gave you because both your clients & algorithm are confused from your texts.
You can’t write things in 5 minutes without any thought and expect for great results.

I’m not a native English Speaker too but I take the time to write clearly Who I Am, What I Do, and How I can help them get the best results for their needs and yes it takes time. It took me about 15 minutes to write you this comment. caring about the details is everything.


You should improve your gig taitel,tag,tex

start gig marketing properly

thank you for giving such an explanatory reply. I have done the required changes.

Not that it is a big deal, but if you check some Level 2 and Top Rated Sellers, you’d notice that their profile picture is clear and it’s a close up portrait.
It’s a little detail, but if you think about it, the first human interaction between you and your potential clients is the profile picture.