I Joined Fiverr a Year Ago and My Life Changed


Its a year today August 7, that i entered my email and created a password to be registered on fiverr, Its been nothing short of amazing, as a young university graduate from Nigeria in Africa (I studied Microbiology and not music), Its a great thing to have the opportunity to render services to people all over the world, The first few weeks was not easy, as i used all my allotted 10 buyers request everyday for 3 weeks with no reply, i gave up, came back again, and things started to pick up, its not been a smooth sail ever since tho, as i have experienced the dreadful paypal chargeback a couple of times, i know how it feels to wake up with -300 in your balance after you got that sweet 5 star rating and a top notch review, but i took them as a normal job hazard, we loose money running offline businesses too. In summary, Nothing is ever easy, some are just a bit easier than others…lol, I really want to continue writing, but i have another client to satisfy, I want to get the TRS badge this year, currently at 14k total revenue

Do i have any tips for new sellers??? Just be great at what you do, satisfy all your buyers except for the ones that can never be satisfied even if you cut your head off and include it in the delivery…lol. and never give up, fiverr is crowded, thats a fact, but you can still create a space for yourself.

and to celebrate my fiverr anniversary, ask me any question, i will answer.

Long Live Fiverr


What PayPal chargebacks and -300? On Fiverr?


Buyer cancelled the order a month after the order was completed,


Congratulation for anniversary day. Please suggest me how earn success like you!!!


Huh, I guess I was lucky not to have such experiences. How can a buyer cancel the order if it’s marked as complete? Sorry for bothering you, but I’m just really really surprised those things can happen.


Like i said, Continue to offer great service, treat fiverr the way you would treat your offline business. i wish you success


its very possible, the buyer just need to file a chageback from their payment processor


PayPal chargebacks - Some dicey buyers do. They get their work done, remain silent forever and suddenly you get news about a chargeback on your fiverr account. Actually, those buyers don’t claim a refund or cancellation from Fiverr but they directly go to PayPal or their bank and file a chargeback.


:arrow_double_up: And this leads to suspension of the buyer’s account. Although there is no stopping them in the first place (from ordering a charge-back) or from creating a new account, I am confident Fiverr is doing whatever they can. I’ve heard that they sometimes even fight a CB claim on behalf of the scammed sellers. :two_hearts:


You are right. Fiverr support must be showing the proofs (delivery, order completion, buyer reviews) to the PayPal or banks in order to avoid chargebacks.


Congrats for successful completion of a year. Hope to see your post on Aug 07 2019 again with a much elaborate success story… Good Luck.


Congratulations, I hope your career takes you wherever you want.


Thank you for your kind words


Thank you so much for the wishes


Congratulations for the 1 year you spent.
hope you doing always well.
best of luck .:wink:


good luck. For your future


Actually this post remembered my past, Fiverr changed my life too. I had a great fiverr account previously to current new account. It changed my life. now I am struggling to experience the same great fiverr taste again. i will do anything to build up my new account, better than the old one. Most importantly i will never let go any buyer ever. i will keep them all and satisfy them 100% as my goal is to become a top seller again.


What happened to your old account?


congratulations for anniversary
awesome motivational post
keep it up :star_struck::star_struck:


That’s so great! I checked out your mixes and they sound good.