I Joined Fiverr Before 3 Months No Any Buyers...help me


I have one month in fiverr but I have yet to find a buyers … if you have the solution to my fiverr account … ??:sob:


Hi syarofmamdhuh,

I saw your gigs and I want to tell you that your portfolio of the gigs is not up to the mark. I suggest you to use modern and more creative pics in your portfolio, if you do that then you will definitely got your projects.

“Most of the buyer’s psychology is: if you are a graphic designer your portfolio should be more creative with modern looking designs.”

When I started it took me only 2 days for the first project only because of nice portfolio and the content that I used for the gig.

you can take the inspiration from the successful gigs on fiverr and try to make some changes in your gig.

Please Note: don’t try to copy the content and other things from any gig, just analyze other successful gigs for inspirational purpose.

I hope these information will work for you.

Thank you and Happy Freelancing :slight_smile:


I think vikasswami pretty much covered what I wanted to say, but here’s one thing I’ll suggest you to do:

Get rid of the “dear” at the beginning of your description.
Believe me, quite a lot of people don’t want to be called “dear” ( including myself ) unless it is from a friend they are very close to.


I’ll second the “dear” thing that @zeus777 mentioned. I would move on to another profile right after seeing that.

Also, there is a weird inconsistency in between your gig descriptions… as if you have written a couple on your own and copied/pasted the others from somewhere else. Consistency is key, and so is authenticity. Make sure to use your own words if you aren’t already. Besides, you can get into trouble for stealing someone else’s text.


Thanks for your post. I have seen your gig description not attractive. You should write valuable information on gig description. Also you can promote your gig, social media marketing like YouTube, Facebook, Google+, twitter. Hope it will be very helpful for you. Also try to activate 24 hours using Fiverr apps.