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I joined Fiverr this December! (Gig advice)


Hello everyone!

I have joined Fiverr recently and I’m suprised to see how well this works! I’ve been able to get some Gigs up but I wish to improve them.

Is anyone willing to give their honest opinion on my Gigs? In particular word choice and images :wink:

Thanks in advance!


Hi Wesley,

Welcome to Fiverr!

Dutch people in tha house YEAH!! I like it :slight_smile:

My advice check out the Fiverr academy here

Success on Fiverr :slight_smile:


Looks good to me. You are doing fine … just be patient.


Read the academy, blog, and these forums. Keep trying different things.


Hi wesleyronda.
Welcome to Fiverr!
I recommend to read Fiverr Forum and also Fiverr academy.There are a lot of tips that can help you.
I checked your Gigs,and I think you should use GIG Packages on all of your GIGS.Will definetly boost your sales.
Until now you’re doing great!


Hello everyone!

Thanks a lot for all the feedback :slight_smile: I will certainly have a look at the Fiverr academy. I will certainly look into the GIG packages, thanks @frankexpert30




Hi Wesley!
Your gigs aren´t in my field of expertise, but since you asked for word choice too: ‘and consider myself an expert at troubleshooting’, in your profile. I know how it´s meant of course, but try reading it with the eyes of someone else, I´d drop the ‘consider myself’. :slight_smile:


@miiila Thank you :slight_smile: I adjusted the text, I’m not really used to presenting myself in such a way. I always have troubles providing a good summary or description.


You´re welcome, and I see you have already 10 x 5 star reviews, you must be doing a lot of things right :wink: Great start, you´ll get your level 1 badge in the minimum time. :slight_smile:


Keep calm, you are doing great job
All the best (Y)


Hello, If you have just created new gigs, some factors you need to must be considered, GIG title, description and tag will be fully optimized with seo and Image will be original and high quality.
Do some research in fiverr about contents and which service is suitable for you to sell.

and promote your gigs in online social media platform.

Some times you receive orders instantly and some time take time, So don’t be loss your patience.

Just start promoting gigs in social media and active in forum. Hope you will get result soon. Thanks


Your Gigs look great! Reading your reviews you are doing everything right. Check out the FiverrCast podcast for great tips from top Sellers!


I like your FiverrCast podcast tip.
That’s really wonderful idea.


Thanks a lot! I’ll have a look :slight_smile:


There’s a very professional feel to your profile. SUSE CLA, Plesk, VCA DCV. What’s not to like! You are going to corner the market for server related gigs pretty soon :slight_smile:

No wonder you have sales already and raving reviews. Keep up the good work.


Thank you! :slight_smile: I’m very suprised to see how much people already contacted me, didn’t expect that at all in the first place. Considering there’s so much competition you would expect everyone to already have their go to seller.

If you have any tips then please do let me know!