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I joined Fiverr Three month ago and my aims is to become level 2 seller

Hi, my name is Sharon. I join Fiverr three Weeks ago but this is my first post on the fiverr forum. My aims are to become a level 2 seller in two month time. Wish me good luck, please


Hello pro_creative9.

I am Christina (Christ for short). I joined Fiverr a few days ago.

To become a Level 2 Seller is also my goal within 3 months time.

I wish you the very Best of Luck in achieving your goals and dreams.


A level 2 seller would need to be a fiverr member for 120 days so achieving this in 3 months… is… problematic at best :wink:


Good luck to you.
Bye the way, I am also new to Fiverr and still waiting for a break as I have not been able to find even a single client. :smiley:

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Hello there! also new to Fiverr, discovering day by day some stuff here…
So, just wondering, these 120 days is the only way to become a level 2 seller or is there something else such as ‘post more gigs’ or ‘have your first order delivered’?
Also, not a single client here. And good luck to everyone haha.

Cheers guys!

Unfortunately, this is not possible as one of the several mandatory requirements to reach seller level 2 is that you need to be a seller on Fiverr for at least 4 months (as has already been pointed out by diamondleopard).

Here’s to wishing you the best on your Fiverr journey, and I hope that you’re able to realize your goal (of becoming a level 2 seller) in 4 months of account creation.

I’d suggest that you check Fiverr’s level system as it lists the exact requirements to reach level 1 and then level 2.


Welcome to the forum… Best of luck :slightly_smiling_face:

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