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I joined Fiverr Today!


Hello Friends, I have joined fiverr today so can someone tell me if I did my best to create my first gig? I will be really grateful for your time.



Everything seems ok!


Looks very nice! Keep in mind graphic designing is a very competitive area on Fiverr.


I am a new seller (just about 2 months old) in the same niche as you are. If I can make it then so can you. Good luck brother.


Looks good. Welcome to Fiverr and best wishes for your success!


Welcome to Fiverr!!! Make sure you can deliver though.



Welcome to Fiverr. I hope you enjoy your time here :slight_smile:


Kind regards,



yes, I know that fact, though I’m experienced but still will face challenges. I’m lucky enough I got two orders today. I’m working on the projects.



Thanks Aslam bro, just trying my best to understand this marketplace yet. Got two orders and hope this works this way. Thanks anyways!


Hi Dave,

I’m enjoying and thank you all, got two orders and working on the designs.



welcome Brother


Welcome. I also started as a newbie on Fiverr asking different questions on forum just be patient use buyer requests daily maintain your gigs and you are good to go


Thank you so much!


Thank you so much, yes I will!


thanks Jeff!


Congratulation, Awesome Your first gigs. All the best.


It will indeed IN SHA ALLAH :slight_smile:


i also joined today…

this is my first gigs link


i also wanna know something! i Made a gig for sketching but noone is contacting its been 6 hours.


Hi Mumtaz! Welcome to Fiverr! At first glance, your description and imagery both look pretty good. You definitely want to include more than one logo in your main image to garner the attention of more potential buyers. A showcase lockup is what you need to design for this niche so that more of your ideations are on display. The marketplace can then see a wider spectrum of your style, and this will undoubtedly lead to more orders.

Adding FAQ’S are also very important for this niche as the large majority of your buyers will need clarity on what they actually receive for $5. Congratulations on receiving your first couple of orders so soon! Keep creating/researching ways to enhance your offering and make certain to always provide an excellent experience surrounding your product!