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I Joined, offered, amount deducted, finally I didn't receive the gig status

as the title says, hope people should understand. i purchased a gig and paid through paypal, i got mails from paypal as well as credit card company. when i tried to look in my orders page, i didnot see any confirmation message on my dashboard .

what should I do now. I have all the details. I made a request for support, 2 days gone but no reply.


Orders that aren’t paid directly can sometimes take a few days of pending before they show up(had one buyer order and it didn’t show up until a week later.). Not necessarily in regards to either PP or the CC company, but more due to the processing time of “said” companies. It may be even slower if the “processing” time is not completely automated as it is Easter weekend. I believe CS is backed up with tickets as I sent a question in regards to something and tomorrow will be day 3 of no response. Yet, the ticket I sent 4 days ago was responded to in less than 24 hours. Essentially, all you can do is wait it out.