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I joined the ranks of sellers, here's my story!


Hello fellow Fiverr sellers!

I am new around here, but thought I would share my story with you. I am interested to know who else are active in this community, so please leave a comment below!

You how you have your life planned out. Where to start your career after graduation and pursue that dream job of yours?

Yea, I had it all planned until everything went completely not according to the plan…
Last year I was finishing up my studies, and getting ready to pursue a career in advertising. I was already a published writer, and I new that copy writing was what I wanted to do. And it all seemed pretty straight forward. Get an entry level position at an advertising firm as a writer. Work hard and climb the ladder to build a solid career. However, destiny wouldn’t have it that way. In stead it send this woman into my life. She came from nowhere. Literally fell out of the sky. Well okay, with the help of a Boeing 737-800 from Brussels to Copenhagen, but still… Long story short, circumstances, such residence permits, requires that we take action quickly if want any chance of being able to stay together. So within half a year we’re engaged and three months later married. Not long after that my wife gets offered a job in Brussels, so we barely return from our honeymoon before we find ourselves moving to Belgium…

Now, this is where the trouble starts!

I suddenly find myself living in a foreign country, and even worse… I don’t know a word French or Dutch. How am I supposed to write or work using language if I do not know the language spoken in the area? What do I do with all those elaborate plans of mine?
Well, I had to do something, so I go on the internet to search for solutions. And that’s what brought me to Fiverr. along with some other sites, but Fiverr was the one site that began giving results right away. And I must admit, that the rush it gives when someone orders a gig is great feeling! Somebody has found your gig and specifically chosen you over all the other sellers. That really does wonders for you self esteem!
The first order, the five star review, the first time a client refers someone to you – someone actually recommended your services, YOU! That was when I got the confidence that I could actually make a career out being a freelancer, do this full time. Well, I don’t really have a choice, it has to work!
No matter how strange it is not to see your clients in person, not even to hear their voice in the phone, it opens up a whole new dimension of freedom. To work form anywhere, at any hour of the day. Complete independence. Which makes me wonder, what do you guys do with all that freedom? Those of you who do this full time? Do you travel? Work in your pyjamas all day, sit in cafés drinking coffee while working on your laptops?

Anyways, I just wanted to to say hi, and say that it’s great to be here!

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That sounds so chill and calming, I love it :relaxed:




Welkom Jacob! Veel succes! :wink:


WOW! Great! So welcome here.


@forsirius Yea, doesn’t it? :smiley:
@vickiespencer I’m glad to be here :blush:
@wesleyronda Dank je wel!
@imranshaikh222 Thank you!


Great story. Enjoyed reading it.

I think taking risks is really important.

I just finished college and realized more college is dumb. I’m going to start my company and build up my skills.


Hi Jacob … Welcome to fiverr !!

Yeah!! I work in pyjamas all day having coffee and snacks … its cool :slightly_smiling_face:


@theluxurylife Thank you! Best of luck to you!
@kaursurvin64 Thank you :slight_smile: Sounds cosy!


Hi Jacob… that’s what I wanna do… I wanna work in my laptop sitting on hills or beside ocean or anywhere I want… :smiley: welcome in here… :slight_smile:


Hey welcome to the world of freelance phenomenon Fiverr :slight_smile: all the best


Hi jacob_floor welcome here.