I Just Achieved Level-1 Batch


Hello guys. Its my first post to fiverr forum . It was very easy to achive level-1 batch.

Very Specific about service and a good relation with buyers helped me out.

My suggestion to new sellers is never lose hope .

Emranul Haque


Are you feeling super duper excited right now?
Congrats on achieving Level 1 badge. :tada:


Yes, I am so much excited and ready to start a new journey for level -2 batch . I donnt what to do now !!.

I will do my best to achive it

Thanks nikavoice


Nika, he is after the next BATCH! Get it right! :rolling_eyes:


@djgodknows @nikavoice

I had to do a double take because I thought there was an ā€œiā€ between the b and the a.

and that would have made more sense!



Complete sentence dammit!