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I just became a level 2 seller!


Thanks Fiverr community for helping me become a level 2 seller! Fiverr is a great supplement to my income, and getting 2-4 orders daily really does help out. Sticking to the rule of 15 mins per gig really is making this a very profitable and enjoyable thing to do.

To all of you looking to level up on Fiverr, stick with it and you’ll get there soon!


Congratulations @nivvie! I see your gig on the front page in my mobile app all the time :slight_smile: Keep it up!


Reply to @doubleu: Really? I’m on the front page?

Wow! No wonder I’ve been getting so many orders recently!


really nice job.


Congratulations! [=


Congratulations @nivvie!


Cheers guys. It feels great!


Welcome to the club. :slight_smile:


Congrats. :slight_smile:


Congratulations @nivvie!