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I Just Bought a Car With my Fiverr Earnings - Ask Me Anything

Hello Everyone,

I hope you are all well, and doing brisk business here on Fiverr.

Just a few minutes ago, I made my 1,000th sale and thought I might celebrate with an Ask Me Anything thread, which has surprisingly not yet been done here as far as I can tell.

I’ve dealt with crazy buyers, bought a few things myself, been scammed once, had my levels revoked by Customer Service, earned them back, experienced bugs, video-fied my gigs successfully without losing rank, tested gigs with bonuses versus those without, ran a bunch of empirical tests related to gig efficiency, successfully doubled and then tripled my average sale price, launched the career of another successful seller, and a bunch of other stuff.

Even managed to make a few sales here and there in between all the craziness, believe it or not!

Anyone have any questions? Ask me anything.


Read these forum topics…

I have a question what do you mean by:

Ran a bunch of empirical tests related to gig efficiency,

Reply to @alexgreene:

Hi Alex,

I’m not a fan of your video thumbnail, no. It’s really dark, you can’t quite see what you’re looking at, etc. The video itself is just fine, you’re clear, understandable, speaking nicely etc., but I’d change the thumbnail.

You can actually email CS about this - there is a special category of technical support ticket you can open exclusively for changing video thumbnails.

I think the first picture you have (the angled one showing your design on a sketchpad) is a great thumbnail to use, and would perform better than the dim shot of you at your computer in your dorm or w/e that is :slight_smile:

Cool idea though - now you just need to learn to program and reskin and you’ll be in business!


Thank you!

And I’ll answer anyways - it’s a lynx, right? Or is that a puma? I can’t quite tell from these bushes. :ar!

Congrats Brandon! =D> :D/ Now get back to writing funny, punny mini scenes!


Congrats!!! What an achievement.

How and why were your levels revoked? What should other sellers do to avoid that situation?

What kind of car did you get? :(|)



Thank you! Answers to your 2 questions:

1 - I lost my levels because of some text I used to have in my profile.

I had a disagreement in interpretation with CS regarding a particular line of the ToS, and I wanted something phrased in a very particular way (which had been very, very good for business) in my profile.

They reset it a few times, which irked me, and when I replaced the text I apparently did so with copy that was evidently too similar. After a couple exchanges they eventually pulled my levels along with the profile text.

I don’t want to get too specific as the same flaw still exists in the ToS to this day, haha.

2 - Regarding the car, I converted my lease and bought a 2012 Civic Hybrid.

Restrain yourselves, ladies.


I 'm a stranger here and willing to know how can i increase my sales. I’m really disappointed that any of my gigs still not shown in the recomended list while some of other strangers gigs are showing in recommended list. Could you please give me advise.

Wow, a Civic Hybrid is a nice choice. So my only question is… can I have it?

Hah! That’s awesome, congratulations!

Hello that is lovely…how can i promote my gig…am new here

Reply to @brandontvedt: Thanks for the reply! nice choice in vehicle, you’re going to have to beat them off with a stick :wink:


My surname is totally weird, I’m Scandanavian ethnically, and it shows, haha.

You pronounce it ‘Twait’, in one syllable, like slurring ‘to’ and ‘wait’ together.

I estimate I’ve spent about 4% of my life spelling it to telemarketers, you are correct (all the letters rhyme too, which makes it even more fun!)


Hi Chamin. You’re actually doing pretty well for someone who has only been here a month - many people don’t get hardly any sales in that time, and you have several.

As far as getting on to the recommended list, your gigs have to be either very popular (yours aren’t old enough), unique (while you do good work, there are lots of photo editor gigs here), or something like that. If you hang in there, in a few months you will probably get featured eventually.

Be careful though, it can be a mixed blessing - last time I got featured in a promo I had no time for anything but Fiverr for several days cause of the tidal waves of orders.


I thought I told you ladies to restrain yourselves - keep your hands off me and my car please! :))


Well, the profile picture you are using isn’t you, I’d change that. I’d also update the thumbnails/images for your gigs. In my opinion, they do not look appealing and will have a hard time standing out in the big list of gigs. Consider adding some videos.

I’d also consider polishing up your gig descriptions, they are short and leave you vulnerable to complaints in many ways from customers with unclear directions, etc.

Finally! Someone who might be able to help me. I am unable to reach Level 1 because of a warning I received when I first started. It was an honest mistake. I posted my problem in this forum but no responses here:

How long does it take for Fiverr to reevaluate a promotion to Level 1 if I received a warning? Is it two weeks after my 30 days, 30 days on top of the 30 days, 3 months…how long? (this is considering all other requirements are being fulfilled, like over 10 sales and excellent rating).

Ok. Hope to hear from you :slight_smile:

…and Congratulations!


Sorry to hear you are having problems :frowning:

I have actually heard a few different things about this. For me personally, I lost my level 2 and was demoted to level 1, so it’s a bit different than your circumstance, but it took me about a month to earn level 2 back. Measured from the incident date, if I recall correctly.

I have read in several threads though that if you mess up as a newbie, it can require manual intervention from customer service to get you ‘back on track’, so to speak. So while it -is- an automated system, you totally can get classified as a ‘problem’ or whatever, and not get things at the same rate.

You have close to 100 total sales, with 100% positive feedback, so it sounds like this has indeed happened to you.

What I would do is wait the full (second period) of 30 days, and then open up another ticket. Point out you have a -ton- of sales (enough for lvl 2 really), and perfect feedback, and you just made the 1 mistake etc. Hopefully you’ll get a rep that will listen.

What a great forum! THank you for sharing. I am a new seller on Fiverr and taking all the helpful tips I can get! Thank you for sharing! Have a wonderful day!


Welcome to Fiverr, and congrats on your first couple of sales!

Do you have a webcam? You might have some good luck recording short testimonials for businesses - those can be pretty popular gigs, maybe you could do well with one.

If you do, consider investing in a green screen and teaching yourself the basics of video and audio editing also. You can use free programs like Audacity for Audio work and Windows Movie Maker for the visual stuff.

You can even make yourself a green screen for $50 or so, no need to really invest in expensive equipment when you’re just getting started.

Hope this helps give you an idea or two $-)

Speak of the devil!!! I just got Level 1. Sweet!!!

Now, the things I have to do to maintain and get to Level 2… 8]