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I Just Bought Copyrighted Material - Owner Is Pissed? Help

Ok -

I bought a gig - The full book that “he wrote” was not there. I attempted to email him on fiverr then also thru the email that was in the book.

I got an email back saying that she did not see any purchases from me. I then responded back saying that I bought it on fiverr

She wrote back very upset stating that is not her and this person has NO right to sell this material. What do I do? I support writters and this is a clear case of the BAD on fiverr I put in for a resolution - But not sure what happens now. I never had a issue on fiverr with a buyer.

(If he would have answered the message then I would have never found out)


Looks like seller delivered a material he/she is not having rights to use the delivered material delivered. In such a case contact fiverr or tell copyright owner to do so.

Fiverr will take a decision accordingly.

I have done both. She said she will be contacting fiverr but I hope I do not lose my money. I want to use it to buy from the REAL seller. Who seems to also be a seller on here…