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I just broke $4k!


I just made my 4,000th dollar on Fiverr!! :smiley: It’s been a long run but it’s really picked up for me in the past year or so. I’m so happy to be making enough to be part-time on Fiverr to help pay for bills while I’m putting myself through school.

Really excited to have hit this milestone and just wanted to share my win! :slight_smile: Yay!!


Awesome. I’m one feedback score away from having triple figures on one of my gigs. Maybe we can party together. :wink:


Congrats, just be aware of this:

" I will play and sing one song for you for $5 "

26 Days On Average

This is gonna kill your sales.


Reply to @fastcopywriter: Yeah, I know. I’ve had a couple orders since then that would significantly bring that time down but they won’t leave feedback! I’ve contacted them multiple times asking nicely. :confused: Any suggestions?


@babybear613 - glad you asked us! The “average time” for delivery actually isn’t calculated based on what your speed is, it’s an option that you now select when you’re actually building the gig.

The catch is, once you click off a given “average time for delivery,” this is what the clock will be set to when someone places an order. So if you click “3 days on average,” then your order will have to be delivered within 3 days of someone placing it or else it’ll be marked as late.

In any case, to adjust your delivery time, simply go back to your gig, open it up under “Edit Gig,” and then pick a new delivery time from the drop-down menu.

Hope this helps!



Average time is calculated by your recent delivery timings.


Reply to @babybear613: Change your gig title to:

I will play and sing one song for you in 3 Days for $5

If 3-days is not enough time, write 6 or 7 days. Then make sure you deliver in the time promised.


Wow, that’s great! Congrats!


Congratulations all the best.


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