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I just broke the $100 mark


So I’m pretty stoked because I just broke the $100 mark, but it has taken a long time. I’m a level one seller now, but I’m looking at making more money more quickly. What other kinds of gigs can I offer as just a regular dude? How can I take this Fiverr thing full time?


Well done on becoming a Level One seller!

Well do you have any talents you can offer other than your current services?

If you have unique gigs you can very well make Fiverr a full time job.
(Note: It comes with hard work and a skill of some sort, or a service people really like.)


I’ve mainly always worked in professional environments, but I like recording video and taking photographs and singing and playing music. So I guess I should angle stuff that way. I feel like the thing I’m professionally best at, which is business administration, is hard to advertise in Fiverr. Is there a way to know what other people are charging for stuff like customer service, business planning, and bookkeeping?


Do some searches. Do research.

You can see how others are portraying themselves and what they are charging for the services you want to offer.

If you can’t find relevant results your idea’s may very well be unique!

Best of luck!


That’s the wrong strategy here in Fiverr.
I understand some people have difficulties with money sometimes, but concentrating just on the $$ at the beginning is wrong.
You need to concentrate in building: build a reputation, build your reviews, build the quality of work you deliver and build a happy clients list.
If you concentrate just in the money you will have more disappointments than good results. After all Fiverr is not a “click and win” website. Here you need to work hard to increase your earnings.

Again wrong approach.
That question can be answered just by you. Do not offer Gigs or services you cannot do, just because “they bring money”. That’s the biggest mistake new people do.
As @thecreativeguys said: check what you’d be able to do, instead of looking for a way to make faster $$.

That’s all I can say from my experience. Hope it helps


Thank you very much!


Thanks, I really appreciate this.