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I just brought a gig from someone who hasn't been online in 3 months


I recently find out that the seller hasn’t online in 3 months and my order will most likely go undelivered

How do I cancel this? the resolution center only options is for the seller to cancel it and that will probably not happen


Contact Customer Support, explain everything, they will cancel the order.
I recommend you to contact seller first before ordering any more gigs.:slight_smile:


Cancel the order, if the seller doesn’t decline it… it will be automatically cancelled in 3 days. If you want it to be cancelled as fast as possible then contact Fiverr support.

And don’t contact seller before buying the gig (like the previous user suggests) unless it’s necessary. It’s annoying for seller to answer question that can be found on gig description.


I strictly disagree.
It is a lot better to talk to a seller first before placing​ the order than completely blindsiding him.



Are you a new buyer? Do you know how to cancel from buyers end?

P.S.: You take a survey of 1000 sellers and the results will be this:

500: Contact Seller 1st
500: Don’t Contact Seller, just place order.



I find it annoying to receive orders without being contacted beforehand.


Unless a seller says “contact me before ordering” there’s no reason for a seller who is clearly active (with recent reviews) to have to talk to every person before they order :slight_smile:


I personally prefer pre-Order conversations (but not enough to ask for it in my gig description, lol), but that’s just me.

In regards to your present predicament, I would also advise you contact CS for assistance and going forward, it’s up to you whether you want to message a Seller first, but I would at the very least check both the date of the last Review AND the date of the last delivery, which can differ since not all buyers leave reviews.


How do you know they have not been online in 3 months? No sales/deliveries is not the same thing. :slight_smile:



When you order some one and they didn’t replay between in your order time so you can open a dispute or you may contact the costume support for that issue and you get a refund don’t worry about it contact the support and you get your money refund.



Yes, I know. I’m not the one having an issue; I’m merely giving advice on how to possibly avoid purchasing from Sellers who are no longer active.


Hey Thanks for the promote replay me, you can check it the status and also when the buyer was deliver the last order
you can check it in buyer profile,. so you can understand the buyer was active or not.


Exactly, some buyers simply send you an order, they don’t ask to know if you can handle an assignment forcing one to cancel hence affecting the gig viewer level… This has happened on three occasions and I don’t like it. Please send an order to a seller once you strike a deal.


Just a suggestion - perhaps you could set your gigs to a maximum allowed orders, so you don’t get overrun. Each of my gigs has a “stop” order after 3.


In some cases, a Seller may not have deliveries but still be regularly visiting the site. :slight_smile:


On the order page, or in the messages, above the message box, you can see “Last seen X hours/days/months ago”.


Exactly :sunglasses: ^


Does that disappear when the order is complete? I have no open orders, so I can’t check that. :slight_smile:
I rarely get messages. I opened an old one to check, and I do see that, but I don’t pay much attention to it. I don’t really rely on accuracy in the messages.


It’s still there when the order is delivered, but yes, disappears when the order is marked as complete.[quote=“artlifeoriginal, post:19, topic:130584”]
I don’t really rely on accuracy in the messages.

Understandable. There was a “last seen 47 years ago” bug. :laughing: