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I just burnt my tongue

I was reading stuff on the forum, took a sip of my coffee and burnt my tongue.:confounded:

The world is a dangerous place everyone.





So, giving up mocha traps, Huh?


I will never give up!!!

it’s just a minor burn, it’ll be gone by tomorrow morning…
and I shall drink coffee again!! :yum:

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I quit coffee yesterday and I am one of the biggest coffee drinkers you have ever seen. I would advise you also to quit.

Oh, geez! Here I go with the Mocha “TRAPS” again! :rofl:

My smart tablet isn’t so smart these days!!

Edit: Hum, so it appears I am talking to myself! I need to go out more. Well, off to Starbucks!

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It’s OK, I love Mocha traps. That’s a type of trap I don’t mind getting myself caught in every now and then!! :rofl:

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