I just cancelled my first order, and it feels liberating!


I’ve taken on a lot of big projects and have a lot of work cut out for me in the coming weeks.

Today a client ordered without asking and wanted me to write about some cryptocurrency project. If they had contacted me first, I would have told them no… Because they ordered without asking, and of course wanted it very fast, I started looking begrudgingly at their content. All of the information available was in poor english(white paper, press releases, bitcointalk ann thread) making it very difficult for me to try and understand so that I could write about it.

I know it will hurt my ranking and stats… but I cancelled that order, and I feel great about it. :smiley:

It feels good to value my work and time enough to say “No, I’m not going to do that”


That could have been their strategy, as they know how sellers hate to cancel. :thinking:


yes, I was very reluctant to cancel. They inspired me to raise my prices, yet again, and hit the out of office button.

I really don’t like the order first chat later type… usually it works out ok.
one time I had a customer like that and it turned into one of my favorite orders where I learned so much.

With this customer I had to be very firm with them. They said that I could have been more polite, but they didn’t take me seriously the first time I said that I wanted to cancel.


That’s the biggest lost.I been suffering the same, some clients don’t see what service we are providing and they orders to expect the the unprovided service.


It is liberating, especially if you get rid of an overdemanding client, who wants the world for 5 (10, 15) dollars. No, I am not spending 2 hours on your project, nor do I spend another 2 hours mailing with you Mr Customer. For 5
(4) dollars.


I recently had a potential buyer contact me, show appreciation for my work, ask for just about everything I offer, and then state: “…I have a really tight budget. Can you do all of this extra stuff for only $30, so I can save some money for other work that I need from other sellers?” – The requested work would have totaled around $300-$400. I politely declined.

My prices are listed as they are for a reason. If a buyer thinks I’ll give them everything they want for almost-free, then I’m not interested in working for them. This is my job. This is one of the things that I do for a living. I am very good at what I do… but I get paid to do my job.


In my opinion one big problem here is that if you dare to cancel an order (as a seller) the statistics only take into account how many orders you had in the past 60 days and not how much money you generated with them.

I do not have a huge amount of orders but I do make enough money with them.
Before June 15, I was TRS. Then several customers tried to get services worth $90-$150 for just 5 bucks. I asked them to cancel.
Result: “Drop of performance” and downgrade to Level 2 seller, on June 15.
In the meantime again some of those low budget guys who order without contact.
Result: “Drop of performance” and downgrade to Level 1 seller, on July 15.

Profile visits and impressions also went down and up and down and up… (without apparent reason). While creeping on floor-level for the last 8 weeks they now (after some very little changes in gig description) skyrocket and push me to the top of the listed services again with rising number of jobs coming in.

There are things I do not have to understand but here is my resumee:
Don’t hesitate to cancel a job before you work for almost nothing!


for me it will be a while before I can charge what my time is worth… its not the working for too little that bothers me, it’s working on a BS project when I have amazing projects that deserve my full attention.

I’m not overly money oriented, I always say that I won’t work for money on something that I wouldn’t do for free. hopefully I can stick to that value on the freelance market.


It will be interesting to see how liberated you feel when you have to do this once or twice a week.


You can respond to them politely so that they dont feel bad. while we should value our work, we should also make the customer feel happy. afterall, thats what driving us all.


I had similar experience and my ratings dropped. Some buyers don’t care reading gig description especially those with ridiculous budget.


I just cancelled my first order today.

I was freaking out thinking I wasn’t going to be able to make a good delivery. The cancel button is a lifesaver. It’s like a weight has been lifted.


@daviddoer Good for you David.:tada: :muscle:

Fiverr policy is making it were most Sellers fear cxling due to SLBD.
It’s good to know there a few that will stand their ground. :smile:

What happened? If you don’t mind sharing.


I was doing an audio transcription job. The speaker had a British English accent and it was a phone interview. The further I went, the more I discovered I was having a hard time understanding what she was saying.

I decided that rather than risk a bad review (bad forever) I would take a cancellation (bad for now). I think it’s more respectful to the buyer to acknowledge your limits than deliver low-quality work.


this could be a new trend we’re starting. “Cancel orders and feel great about it! Today!” :rofl:

Then again, there’s always:

I intend to structure my orders in such a way to make it very difficult for buyers to make a purchase that I won’t agree to do. :pray: of course I can’t stop people from making decisions that I don’t like, but I’ll try to make it hard.

good point!


I can totally relate. Delivering a half@ss job is something I know that you would never do. Besides, transcription work is tedious & monotonous. So, nuff respect to you, Josh! :tropical_drink: Hopefully, it didn’t drag you too far in the mud. :grimacing:


Just today I had a similar experience.

At about 3:30 a.m. an individual placed an order without prior contact with my gaming article Gig. She/he purchased my ‘Basic’ (250 words) Gig twice. Attached instructions in the buyer requirements which stated that I needed to write… two 500 - word articles. As in, 1,000 words total, instead of the 500 words total I anticipated.

The articles also involved writing about casino mobile games, which I don’t play and personally can’t stand.

In all fairness I offered to amend the scope of the offer to ‘correct’ it (i.e. more money). The Buyer, shockingly, refused, so I requested a cancellation, which, also shockingly, was accepted.

Yes, it’ll adversely affect that Gig’s placement in the search results, but it is indeed liberating to know what your work is worth and what you’re willing to settle on. Setting the parameters of your services, and adhering to those parameters no matter what, may cause your business to suffer in little ways from time to time, but the self - respect, self - assurance and confidence you receive in return is more than worth the trade.