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I just CANNOT believe how Customer Service treats us

Continuing my saga from last time (which you’re probably familiar if you’ve stumbled upon my periodic rants, haha). I had a buyer who requested me to copy his competitor’s content but still keep it original. Of course, I followed instructions to the letter, provided 100% original content (according to numerous plagiarism tools). He had ordered my research extra as well, so what I did was thoroughly research a number of similar companies, offering the same service so I can create an article that encompasses the essence of the service, without it looking as if it was copied from a single place (the buyer didn’t provide me with specific info about his company).

What happens next is that the buyer is not satisfied, gets abusive and rude, and demands that now I write an entirely different content, this time an article with a different angle, for free, of course. I am polite, though he’s getting more and more ridiculous, explaining that I’d be happy to modify the article as he likes, but won’t be able to offer an entirely new text for free.

He leaves his 1 star feedback, which, note, doesn’t comment on anything apart from my “lack of writing skills” (obviously not the reason for his dissatisfaction) and includes words such as “screw her” - which I feel is highly abusive and against Fiverr ToS.

I got in contact with Customer Support today, explaining the situation and providing screenshots. Their first response was to tell me that the buyer paid $5 for the research extra which I should have used to write an entirely new text for him. I wrote to them again, explaining the I had used the extra to research various companies and enhance the quality of the article.

What I received was "the buyer doesn’t feel like he was provided with the service he paid for. We hope that you will be able to resolve it mutually and that the buyer will agree with removing the feedback, because we will be able to remove it only with their consent."

I simply cannot stress how disappointed I am and, honestly, unable to believe what’s happening. As a TRS with more than 800 orders and not a single negative review, I expected I would be treated with more understanding (though, to be clear, everyone deserves better treatment, not just the TRS). A clearly abusive buyer that leaves me a gloating message “haha, guess what, customer is always right!” after he leaves the negative review, a buyer that leaves a feedback CLEARLY violating Fiverr ToS… is still right, when it comes to to CS.

I guess what I’m trying to accomplish here (apart from ranting, of course) is find out if there is anything more I can do. Have you had similar experiences with CS and what did you do? Do you think I can ask for another member of the CS to review my request or is this something that’s clearly a bad idea?

Update: this is getting ridiculous. I’ve requested from Dan from CS to let someone else take a look at my case.

What I received is a reply from THE SAME PERSON, who assured me he consulted with his colleagues. This is not what I understand by second opinion. He argues that, because of my lack of communication (though I have sent at least 3 messages to the buyer , explaining), he has a right to leave feedback that states I have no lack of skills, ending with Screw her (he has removed that part, at least).

I am sorry, this really stinks. I thought once when you are a TRS you can at least expect for CS to back you up since you proofed yourself and your feedback from other clients should support this. I would be furious as well. I don’t think there is anything you can do besides move on, seems like this CS agent is not willing to change anything else. Very sad!

Did you send them a screenshot of his review? And explain–very clearly–how the buyer tried to bully you into giving him work that he had not paid for, nor had he requested at the beginning of the order?

The two times I’ve had to go to CS to ask them remove a review from what I’d classify as a disgruntled client (usually someone who fails leave instructions for what they actually wanted and then becomes angry when I won’t redo the entire project because of their mistake, but says that they’ll remove the negative review if I do a bunch of work for free or won’t leave a negative review if I’ll do the work for free), both times they first told me to work it out with the buyer–essentially, they told me to do the extra work for free. When I ask them to look again at the screenshots of what I was asked to do, what I did, and how the buyer spoke to me, and I emphasize that I already tried to talk to the buyer and they tried to extort me, CS does look again and both times has removed the negative review.

That said, you are a TRS and you have tons of great reviews. One bad review from a grouchy buyer isn’t going to ruin you, especially if you respond to it properly (explain your side of the story in your review of the client–which, just looking at your review, I think you did perfectly).

Good luck!

Sorry to hear that this has happen to you. Many times I have seen posted on the forum that when a buyer is abused, all they had to do was take screen shots to prove the abuse, send to CS and it would be taken care of. Yet, time after time, I see posts saying that the seller has done that and CS still refuses to remove the feedback despite the feedback being more about payback than an subjective review.

If I was you, I would take your case to Fiverr Facebook. At least you will get the attention of another member from Fiverr. Provide the ticket number and ask if they would take a look at it. Mention on Facebook the reason you want another opinion and explain the evidence you provided so they have enough info to peek their interests. It should be obvious that the review was NOT SUBJECTIVE (someone needs to get out a dictionary at Fiverr), but instead the buyer’s review was based on you not giving in to his unjust demands – anyone who can read your messages, it should be obvious it was NOT based on an honest review of your work.

Good Luck

p.s. Let us know how it turns out because every seller here on Fiverr should get their day in court when they are being abused by a buyer. I know if I did to buyers what they do to sellers, I would lose my account.

Honestly, customer service here has always been bad and it’s just getting worse.

You’re not alone. The other day, I asked Fiverr to cancel an order that a buyer was refusing to cancel. It was to model a shirt that is in my office over 3 hours away and I won’t be there until August.
It took more than 24 hours for them to answer and the first response was “are you sure?” I responded "yes, please cancel."
24 hours later I got, "The buyer said you can keep the order open until August when you get the product. Do you want to do that?"
NO, LIKE I SAID THE FIRST TIME, PLEASE CANCEL! I CAN NOT COMPLETE THIS ORDER! (I didn’t say it like that, but I wanted to…)

It took 3 days to cancel an order that was literally impossible to deliver, and I had to take to social media to get it cancelled because it was sitting in my queue as “very late” for days.

My suggestion to you would be to just close the request, and submit a new ticket. Chances are, you’ll get someone better to actually look into it. That behavior is inappropriate and should not be tolerated.

Added: “Screw you” was just icing on the cake. There never should have been a question as to whether the review was valid or not with that comment.

I understand that it is important that customer support keeps negative ratings or comments as people would shout “abuse” if a negative comment just disappears as comments should be legit. However, as soon as a comment calls someone names or is insulting, I would remove it if I was a customer service agent. I would remove the comment and allow the buyer to post a new comment. If the comment was rude again, then I would prevent the buyer to post another as he missed his chance to adjust his negative comments.

Generally I am all for NOT deleting negative reviews as it’s better than seeing 100% ratings. However, as soon as it is insulting, I would want CS to take care of it.

Explain to him how he would feel if someone were to give his website a poor review because he was angry.

I think it’s kind of interesting that the order started with a request to copy a competitors article. Do you get a lot of orders like that? I would think that was suspect to begin with about this particular buyer.

Also, when someone orders your research extra, does it state what kind of research it is? I would have thought research extra for this would be you researching the subject matter itself you were writing about, not just looking at other companies to try and make something similar.

Not that I think anyone deserves to be treated badly and have bad words said to them, I was just wondering about that part of things.

Reply to @madmoo: Thanks! Do you know if I should just use the old form to request a second opinion or submit an entirely new request and mention that I’m not satisfied with the outcome of the last one?

Reply to @annai80: thanks, as far as I know, I’m far from the only TRS to complain from… let’s say inadequate behaviour from the CS. I’m confused as to why they would adopt such way of dealing with us - after all, the average buyer is someone who would purchase one or two gigs, while the average TRS makes hundreds of sales every month…

Of course, all sellers should receive adequate assistance from the CS, but I’m really at loss as to why they’re always siding with the buyers.

Reply to @emasonwrites: Thanks for your reply! (by the way, I’ve noticed you’re always very helpful on rant topics, especially mine :D)

The problem isn’t so much the rating, as the whole situation but I’m guess I’m just very sensitive, when it comes to unjustice. I did send them screenshots and I’ve explained the situation a thousand times, but they’re not willing to work things out.

To be honest, I too had to remove negative feedback once or twice and CS has been helpful a handful of times. I guess it’s up to the agent that takes your case. Currently, they just stated the review is subjective, so they won’t remove it, whatever that means.

Reply to @emasonwrites:
Dimana_att: As a buyer, I certainly agree with Emasonwrites that your reply to the review was perfect. It helps that you have so many stellar reviews for comparison. It’s pretty obvious that the problem was with the buyer and not with you.

Reply to @presseditor: The problem is that a large number of buyers are actually trying to get more work for free. Hence the negative comments.

What gets me is not the low feedback. It’s the fact that it doesn’t reflect neither my skills as a writer, nor the quality of the text and the service. And I believe most other sellers feel the same way.

Reply to @dimana_att: I totally understand what you mean and I also agree that this is the case. Fact is that if it is clear that a buyer is abusive in any way, fiverr should help. And on the other side, if it’s really an issue which deserves a bad review, it should also not be removed. Things just need to be more fair, so yes, I know where you are coming from :slight_smile: