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I just can't delivery my work! Can't send a message

I just can’t send a message to my costumer advising that Fiverr is out.

It’s unbelievable how bad is Fiverr’s support/programmers. That’s an error that they should fix in minutes, not hours, and not waiting for users to report the error. This website **** sometimes. When we commit an infraction, they are great at warning, but to solve an error of this proportion, they suck!


My order is late just because I am not Able to deliver anything, I also tried to send extended time request, no luck, neither the messages are sending. Now it will affect my order and account.

Considering how much money they rip off of both buyers with their fees and sellers with the 20% commission, I supossed they’d afford a better system…

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same problem I am getting mad.

i checked i sent my message just

Same here. I can’t deliver the order, nor send any message to the client. :frowning:

Hi everyone, i’m also unable to deliver my order. Any one contacted CS about this problem?

Same is the situation here bro :disappointed_relieved:

Here is me too… Is it fiverr’s technical fault??

Same problem here but i can send message now. Hope its all ok now.