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I Just Changed my primary image of gig and it vanishes

My gig is ranked on the 1st page of t-shirt and merchandisers category. i am happy with that but suddenly i changed the image to attract more customers but
my gig vanishes while impressions goes 19k up
What was that.?
may i change the primary image to the recent image.?

Whenever you edit your gig, it may dissapear from the search result for a period of time.

Now what i should do ?

Nothing. Wait for it to come back in a few hours or a few days.

At the same place.
cz my impressions goes up and up

It’ll show back again once the system is done updating the gig.

Hi @trjimad when ever your gig is on top and you are getting enough order avoid changing the image or updating the gig, because when you change something in the gig it will be disappear for some time to get back to that position or may be not at the same position because once i did this as well and the result was same the gig was disappeared from the page and it was on the top of the page on logo design category,

So the point is if you are getting enough orders and you are happy with that then don’t edit the gig,

and the above explanation is my personal experience,
i hope it will help you in future,

Thanks and welcome