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I just completed my first order ! hurray :)


This means a lot to me, i just joined a few days and Iโ€™m really happy to complete one so soon.

I have a lot to achieve its just the beginning and i aint quitting until i attain my goal :slight_smile:

So if anyone is interested in my gig do not hesitate just MSG me, always happy to help :slight_smile:

Anything related to Photoshop :

Get a cool stylized avatar for your face :


Did you get your first feedback yet? Itโ€™s so nice not being on zero!


Reply to @sara1984: not yet the buyer said he rated 5 :slight_smile:


Congratulation dear @chinuikhan8, I havenโ€™t sold any gig , Hopefuly see my first 5$ soon :smiley:


Reply to @achkouk: Its really difficult for new comers :frowning:

Anyways good luck :slight_smile:




Congratulation :slight_smile:


Reply to @sunshy1: Thanks :slight_smile: