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I just completed my first order on Fiverr! I feel amazing!

Hi everyone,

I just finished my first order here on Fiverr. It feels really amazing. The buyer really liked my work and ordered again immediately. He even left a feedback, which is great. I’m excited to do more jobs here and hopefully become a top rated seller.

The buyer required some modifications on his website and I did it for a few hours. I provided bonuses, which made him happy. I hope I continue working with him and get more buyers for my brand new gigs. I’m constantly making changes to the gigs to improve them. I read alot and now I see it helps.

So, keep improving you gigs and you will succeed eventually.

Congratulations on your first sale! I hope you will get many more soon!

Thumbs up!

I’m doing good on the local market here, but its a small countries… This is a chance for me to bring my business to a whole new level and I’m not just delivering orders. I’m spending like 3 hours per gig for bonuses and additional work to benefit the buyers.

I hope people like my work :). It’s not about the money for me here, but for the happy clients. At least not for now :).

This is the first step to your personal success! :slight_smile:

Keep going with a good attitude and with the enthusiasm you are showing and you’ll go far!


Wish you lots of sales and lots of nice reviews! :slight_smile:

And WOW! You’ve got lots of gigs for a newcomer!

Well I’m not exactly a newbie :). I was here about 4 years ago, but I stopped using it, because of some personal reasons. And I’ve spent alot of time thinking how to do it and I thought that if I put more services, I have better chances to succeed.

Also I’m a professional with 10 years of experience in graphic design, web design, web development, SEO, online marketing, desktop programming, etc. I did a lot of stuff during the past 10 years and I can do a lot of stuff now :). I personally made more than 100 websites for companies, I managed about 40-50 online marketing campaigns. So I know my way around the Internet :). I’m trying to put all my knowledge in 20 gigs and do it the best possible way, because sometimes it’s hard to separate things…

I think I did about 13 gigs so far, but I’m constantly changing them, because everyday I think of a better way to do them. My plan is to put all 20, but they have to be completely different from each other, so I can extend them with the extras :). So at the end I will have 20 different services/products that has about 10 variations and extensions :).

This month I will see how it goes without promotion (except this forum :slight_smile: ), the next I will start promoting my gigs, but I want them to be perfect before I start doing it.

Yupee, I got my 10th order today!!!