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I just completed my first order!


I just completed my first order today! Buyer gave me a great 5 star review! It took me 43 days to get my first order. How long did it take you? Do sales start to pickup after your first order and a 5 star review? Thanks!


Superb! really good job.


Thanks! How is business going for you? How long has it taken you to get to this point?


Be successful
Congratulations to you


Congrats bro. Go ahead.


Best of luck and Same here.


@rajput786 Nice! How long did it take you to get your first order?


With only 1 gig, and no active promotion outside organic search, it was about a month before I received an order. I think that first review did help and things picked up a bit from there.

It definitely goes in cycles- I’ve had 2 big rushes with 3-5 orders in a week and then nothing for months.


@elite_visuals i think after 3 month later.