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I just create a gig 2 day before but my impression to much low?


how can i increase my gig view


Promote your gigs on social media.
Be patient it will increase automatically :slight_smile:


i share my gig facebook twitter LinkedIn but it’s not increase ,


It will. Be patient. In title, you mentioned that you created your gigs 2 days ago. 2days are nothing much to complain about it :frowning:


that’s mean i wait some days right?


Yep! Wait and see.
Work hard to improve your profile.
Catch up “tips for sellers” section on forum.


obously i am new seller in fiverr so i need help from every one can you visit my profile?



You have posted this kind of thread more than once already and I am going to repeat myself as my answer applies to every gig you create…

Promote your gigs on social media and other places.
Stand out above the hundreds of others (maybe even thousands) offering the same gig as you.


thanks for your valuable information , i send a bayer request from my this gig which one are not get a good impression