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I just created a gig about web design


Hi there

This is lisan, today i just created a gig about responsive web design. i have no advanced idea how to get a buyer. or attract into my gig. would you please you guys help how do this.


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Share your gig to popular social media.
Send at least 10 buyer request per day.
Check your ranking position of gig by your unique keyword.


Freelancing is really not that simple. The key point is not doing your job, but how to get clients. If you wait for good things happen, that’s not gonna happen in 99%, you need actions.

1, Youtube. Make a youtube movie, around 5 - 10 minutes, teach people how to setup a wordpress website and leave your fiverr account in that movie or comment.
2, Write a ebook with around 5-10 article about setup websites, and share this ebook on facebook group.
3, Start a pinterest account, post your works on it or other great website snap pictures.

You have a lot of ways to generate traffic to your fiverr service, the only thing block you from success is procrastination and lack of determination.


@creative_imam bro

if you are a front end web developer, please suggest me some tag of web design


sorry, I’m an SEO Expert & social media expert.


Then you have no problem providing some tips how to share gigs in social media :slight_smile:
@engilisan you can order his gig :wink:


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