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I just created few Gigs and Completed my Profile


Hello Everyone,

My Name is rahul datta and I am a new seller here. I just created few Gigs and Completed my Profile.
Very hopeful to have a wonderful time here.

I want your support and encouragement!!!

Thank you


Please be aware: Our support and encouragement is not going to make you successful. YOU are responsible for doing all the work that brings in your sales, and builds your success.


Why? That’s not how the world works.

You don’t come to work and the boss says, “Yay! He is here! Welcome dearest employee!”

Most jobs have ZERO support and encouragement.

I don’t know if you watch Mad Men, but there’s a scene when Peggy wants credit for an idea; Don calls her contribution a “kernel.” She says that he never says “thank you,” and Don loses his cool, shouting “That’s what the money is for!”

On Fiverr, the thank you’s are the money and hopefully, 5-star reviews. Sometimes you also get “thank you” messages from clients.

That’s more than what you’ll get in the corporate world, specially advertising.