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I just deleted 3 dead gigs for 2013

And unwillingly my main gig deleted by fiverr just 2 days before new year eve…

Reply to @hotwebideas: He was eyeing the gig for quite some time he said. And when he finally decided to buy it’s not available. That’s when he message me asking about it. And I got 2 orders from him with Gig Extras and all :slight_smile:

Reply to @thefacebookgeek: Yeah, that was awesome. He probably had it collected and when it was time to purchase it, he was surprised that it was not there. Good for you.


Reply to @hotwebideas: Not at all. Lol. I’ve been meaning to do something about my songwriting gig for awhile. I’ll either delete it, or modify. I’m too talented to sell myself short. :slight_smile:

Reply to @musiclover: You and I are going to do at least one song together. I am writing a rock/dance/hip hop track now called “Domestic” that is about a man and woman fighting. I have @YoungJess on Fiverr in my hip hop collection who I want to be a mediator. I am going to send you the instrumental track and ask you to write the man and woman’s lyrics. It should be interesting.

Reply to @hotwebideas: I’ll love to hear the instrumental.

I cleared out some of my gigs a while ago and just replaced them with some new ones. Going pretty well for the first week with them.

Reply to @alexgreene: Nice!

I am new here, so i have just created soem new gigs. How fast your audience is growing? Is is fair newbies to not appear in seperated tab window?

I think that’s a great idea. I only have a few gigs, partly because when sellers have a whole bunch of gigs, I get kinda overwhelmed seeing them all and trying to decide. Simple is good, less is more, right?

Ha! I just saw you posted this over two years ago…well, the sentiment is the same. Good idea!

@writerlisaz (or anyone): What about categories? When I activate all of my gigs, it looks overwhelming and I like to do lots of very different things. People looking for my writing gigs might not be interested in my fun/prank gigs.

I think it would be cool to have choices to show all your gigs or to divide them somehow. Maybe folders that could have a customized look like a gig image with a,caption showing the category name or custom text. You could even have one for new gigs and one for gigs on sale. It should be a choice, though, since some people might like showing how diverse they are. Bad idea? Good one? Alternatives?

Reply to @fonthaunt: I think that’s a great idea! Put it in the Suggestion Box. Categories of gigs under one seller…They could be the same categories Fiverr already has, just listed right on your profile page.