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I just deleted my logo design gig

The logo design industry here has become crowded. With lots of people using logo makers and charging 5$, the professional logo makers suffer… So unless you have 1k reviews, you’d suffer with your normal prices… Spending 5-10 hrs on a logo just for 5$ doesn’t sound right to me so I just have to find a new niche… Fiverr needs to do something about this. Idk what, but an intervention is needed here to fight these cheap opportunists.

No one says you have to spend 5-10 hours on a logo for 5$. I don’t know how logo design works, but what people usually do is to keep the 5$ gig because it attracts clients from the main page, as they’re more attracted by someone “starting at 5$” than someone “starting at 20$”.

But you don’t necessarily need to offer big work for 5$. You can make a smaller job for 5$ like offering a concept, or something that doesn’t require much time, and then make (for example) a full logo for the Premium gig and get paid more for it. Or you can make a 5$ gig and then add extra services.

There’s tough competition in every category on Fiverr, but you can do it! :relaxed:


@caesar_english nice replay :+1: . Thank you for share your thought with us :grinning:


Unfortunately offering you a concept is same as offering you a logo. Most clients are looking for just a JPG copy of the logo. They aren’t interested in extras like mockups et al.

Also, why does fiverr suggest we take graphic design tests if those who pass aren’t given any advantage?

That’s for buyers who check your profile and see that you have several qualifications, I think.

Try offering different gigs in different categories. For example if you do graphic, don’t just post in the graphic category, try to make a gig for the website content category too, offering your graphic services for websites. It might boost your visibility.

The problem is, whether you’re a professional or not, on Fiverr we all start with 0 reviews so we gotta work our ass off in the beginning, until we reach a certain number of clients and good reviews.

I’m currently paid way less than what it would be required for my work and I see other people in my same category offering small gigs for very expensive prices and having tons of reviews, but I don’t know how they reached that point. No one tells me whether they got lucky or if they started with cheap 5$ gigs until they were valuable enough on the platform to raise their prices (which I think it’s the case for most sellers).

It’s true some people on here immediately start making good money, but everyone’s situation is different so we shouldn’t compare ourselves to others because chances are, we’re gonna suffer and gain nothing from it anyway. Just do your thing and be patient, if you’re good at what you do, eventually it will get better.


Can someone create gigs in different categories? Like having a gig in graphic design and also creating another gig in writing category from the same account…

Yes you can. As many as 7 different gigs for a new seller

Sure, you can create gigs for whatever service you can offer. If you know how to do 6 different things, you can post 6 different gigs in 6 different categories.

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Thanks. I’m just frustrated, that’s all. Sigh

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Sorry… By consistency, we can achieve greatness.

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Thanks… @caesar_english

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If I spend a few days without orders I start getting scared that I won’t get any more, so I absolutely get your frustrations. We’re all here to work and make a living in the end :blush:

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Hopefully it turns around soon enough