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I just delivered my first order


And it was a really pleasant experience. The buyer was pleasant to work with, he liked my work and I’m so happy right now. I’m really glad that my first order was smooth and I had a lot of fun doing it.


I just delivered my first about two days ago as well! It does feel good! Congrats!


How was it like? And congrats!




Thanks! It’s an amazing feeling. :smiley:


congrat for your first order delivered


Thank you! I love it.


It was good! The guy actually gave me an article that related more to my gaming self, which was a perfect fit! So I wrote the 500 words (Was more like 520) and even delivered about a day early and got a five star review! @nayruchan00


Congrats. I had a similar experience (delivered the files a day early and got a 5 star review which I’m really glad for.).