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I just discovered you can use a GIF as an avatar

Maybe I’m super late to the party, but I just discovered that it’s possible to use a moving GIF as your avatar.

What do you think? Nice way to stand out or over the top and not professional to use?

I guess it depends on a service, but personally I don’t think a professional should use a flashing GIF :slight_smile:


Anything that flashes is agains Fiverr ToS because it can cause some people to have epileptic seizures. :open_mouth:


But you can use flashing/Animated gif as profile picture it’s allowed

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Very nice! I do love animated gifs. Haven’t seen even one, though! Must be a new change.

So animated, but not flashing? :thinking:


I don’t think there is a limit on whether it’s flashing or animated, at least not officially. I do not think it is compatible with potential buyers being able to concentrate on what you are selling and I want the focus to be on that, not my profile picture moving. It’s going to only be a distraction to what you want them to see, which is your great profile description.


Do you know if animated gifs “Welcomes” can be used in the forums? I’ve used 3 and haven’t been able to find a post addressing this.

I want an animated profile gif that hypnotizes them saying BUY NOW BUY NOW

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Its not allowed. Here’s the screenshot of recent email I received by the CS! Hope this clears everyone’s confusion.



If i make my eyes in photo moving just a little sometimes, its will be creepy animation? :grimacing:

Something like this with a text overlay should work. :smiley:

Click at your own risk

Buy now, buy now, buy now


I’m having a seizure but I want to buy at the same time…


So do we have to report users that have flashing avatars in their profile? How then to do this?

Use the :black_flag: beside the favorites :heart: on their gig page. :slightly_smiling_face:

Who decides what’s flashing and what’s not? (Genuine question - one person’s flashing may be another’s animation.)


Eden (Fiverr Customer Support)

If you’d like to use an animated profile image, we suggest you choose an animation that does not include flashing colours or lights.

Well, alrighty then.

Imagine pilfering through gigs to decide who pass or not. :weary:
Ain’t nobody got time for that! I’ve got better things to do with my :watch: time.

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But when you’re on a gig page there are reasons to report only such that won’t fit

Well when you can associate it with flash light, blinking light. You can debate on it, but I think some animated avatars can obviously be counted as that.