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I just don't get it

I just don’t get it.

I’m here as a seller who’s working with the best 2017 versions of Adobe software - InDesign CC, Illustrator CC, Acrobat DC and Photoshop CC. My affinity is more for the first 3 as compared to Photoshop.

I’m getting pretty good and skilled when it comes to doing stuff in them, and have come far from where I was - YouTube videos, blogs, bookmarks, phone bookmarks, saving playlists, subscriptions to websites. I did it all so that I can offer as many services as possible on the platform and have least problems in doing them. Today, I can at least say that I won’t freak out at the interface/ functions and so on when it comes to these software as compared to a starter. I know what things are where and what can be done with them. What it means is that if I get work, then it’s only a matter of couple of videos showing how to do the thing and steps to follow, just in case I’m short on memory.

Besides, I do have the creativity muscle. It’s there, but will be sharpened with time.

So, that should translate to a lot of jobs that I can do, right? Big or small, high value or low value, simple or detailed.

I could make logos in Illustrator. Or make stuff into vector form.
Design magazines, brochures or similar docs in InDesign. Make them digitally global and able to run regardless of geography or platforms.
I could make resume templates.
Or PDF with good designs with added effects.
I could make editable PDF forms, or export a PDF to a word doc which retains the look of the original PDF and is editable at the same time.
The list can be pretty much long. So many things! Possibilities are vast.

But… I want to get work. I want to see how it goes. How I go all the way.

Sales were meant to be made. I should have seen good progress by now. I know a very large chunk of the Fiverr system and the workings, only that there should be a thing or two that I might look up to know.

I have read the forum threads and made a whole lot of bookmarks. (Upyour series by Eoin included, it was really helpful and gave a different perspective. Thanks Eoin _/_ )

Buyer’s request is where I make offers and send them. Everyday. And, sometimes get tired of it when nothing comes up, or the deal doesn’t become sweet when a person approaches me (though it’s not the usual case). People coming through search or any other way is a dream.

Sure I’d say sometimes there have been typos or places where I wrote something and it didn’t make sense - probably was taken for miscommunication. I accept English is my 2nd language. But for me it’s been usually interchangeable with Hindi for a time I can’t really remember.

I used to take longer when it comes to orders. But now I’m on the road to recovery.

I started out with providing Kindle/Createspace formatting gigs. Then found out they are not worth the effort. High work and low compensation. So I’m making efforts to switch to other things, to find what finally works for me- something I won’t get tired doing, makes me forget the number of feedbacks or completed order etc and also, what I can look up to as something where I can make records after records.

I feel like I’ve been caught in a web of analysis-paralysis. Trying out things to improve, but don’t see results coming up. It’s like people who are debugging a buggy code to make some program run smoothly. Good debugger will somehow make it, bad ones will outright quit. The average one is the guy who’ll suffer the most stress. He neither can’t quit nor find a way to go ahead. I have a similar situation of the average guy. Quitting is useless, since I have to start again. Moving ahead I’ve yet to see clear skies.

I want to move ahead. What can you people suggest me?

Btw please assume I’m aware of the ‘default’ things like social media, gig images, descriptions, packages etc. I have tried them. Apart from social media, rest are much better and are almost in form now. Plus (social media is worth it when it really is. No point sharing a link and get nothing out of it.)

Anyway, this is by no means a moan or a rant, even though I just felt it right to move this thread into ‘the ranting pot’. I have very well learnt that both are useless, though rant can help sometimes. It’s more like a log of where I am. I’m getting it off because it was bugging me and at the same time approaching fellow sellers, you guys via this log.

My suggestion: find your own client (IDC how you do it) instead of relying on people to look at your gigs and purchase them.

Yep - it seems you have the talent but the question is does that equate to demand. Of all the software you use, probably photoshop is the most familiar. Many buyers probably have no idea what indesign or illustrator is and may not have a specific need. They may be thinking “wouldn’t it be great if I could design a logo that I can enlarge without losing resolution” but have no idea they need a vector design with illustrator because they have no idea what illustrator does.

On fiverr the only way you can really take it up a notch and maybe create demand for your talent is to show clients what you can do in a video. Maybe experiment a bit. Check out your stats and see where you are getting clicks and try videos there to see if it helps create a demand for your services.

I hope this helps

Good Luck


This. Very much this. I’ve checked out some of your (@kevinfrederick) gigs, and I didn’t get a clear idea about what you offer, exactly.

This doesn’t sound like you’re good at doing the job.

This sounds like you’re inexperienced. Combined with the previous quote, it sounds like you have a vague idea about where a certain feature is, but little to no practice in actually creating something with these programs.

Your one review on your formatting gig makes it look like you offered to do the job, but didn’t really know what you were doing, so you had to keep fixing things over and over again (and it took you a lot more time than stated in your gig).

Overall, I’d say that you need better gig descriptions, and a LOT more practice in the things you offer. Perhaps you can keep practicing while you’re not getting orders, design stuff for yourself, and thus create better and better samples to show to potential buyers?


Having the best software in the world won’t make you an expert in using it.

@catwriter got it spot on - practice using it until you’re an expert. Maybe stick to one piece of software until you know it inside out?


Everything here depends on how you deal with fiverr rules and your buyer

Check this series of posts by one of the forum mods out, you’ll certainly find a thing or several in there to try: