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I Just Don't Know why!

Ever since I’ve started on this site, all the messages I have been getting from people have asked to take the communication somewhere else. Don’t worry I’ve been playing it smart with keeping everything on Fiverr.

Anyone know why this happens or how frequently it happens and what can be done to fight the situation?

This happens because buyers don’t take the time to read the TOS.

The best way to “fight” it is to say “no”.


You can tell them that it’s against the TOS and I cannot communicate externally, so they will have to maintain all the communication in fiverr itself.


Or because they’re not buyers but scammers, and are targeting new, inexperienced sellers.


Usually it’s the bad sellers who tell people to do that.

I am surprised to hear that it happens to you frequently as a seller. If you are new to fiverr it must be scammers looking for targets.


Thank you and then Its those upwork requests, those are fun to deal with also :upside_down_face:!!
But yeah the above messages is what I’ve been telling them. Its been fun to say the least!

Not only should you refuse to, stating Fiverr TOS, but also you should report these users and block them.


Will Do Thank You @maitasun

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