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I just dropped to 4.4 due to bad reviews

Hello here. I’m Sammy and I’m a new seller here. I have been able to complete 4 offers, 2 clients left me a review. the first one gave me 5.0 and the other gave me 3.7. Now, I’ve dropped to 4.4 from 5.0 and fiverr says I can’t request for orders unless I reach a minimum of 90 percent rating which is 4.8. How do I go about it? How can you help me? I’ve not been in the right mood since.

The only way you’re going to improve your order is by achieving more orders. It can be difficult when you’re new and already feel like you’re being penalised, but the system is in place for a reason, and probably won’t affect you so much in the future, once you have more orders.

Obviously that doesn’t help in the short term. What you need to do is to market your order as much as possible, and update your tags/gig description to make sure they’re as searchable as possible.

Put yourself in the eye of a potential buyer: what would they be searching for to find your gig? Use those search terms in the tag section you’re provided with.

You could try searching for similar gigs and seeing what they tag/what they look like.

This will help you with finding out how to word your description. Never copy someone, but there’s nothing wrong with using your own words to replicate someone’s success. My advice for creating a gig would be to make sure that you provide as much useful information as possible within the description, but don’t ramble. Use your words effectively, essentially.

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Thank you so much Rebekah… You mean I can still get orders from clients with my bad review?? Of course no one would want to give me the job mere seeing my review, when their are lots of other sellers with good reviews. Sadly I’m being restricted to bid on offers until I reached the 90 percent rating. How will I do that when I can’t bid on orders and a chance of getting orders from clicks and searches is slim. :cry:

Yes, you can still get orders with a bad review, but you might have to put some effort into marketing to get there. Have you tried advertising outside of the website on various social media platforms, or advertising locally (say, to small businesses) that might need your services? That might a way to increase your rating. Good luck.