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I just edited my gig title and suddenly my gig denied

My recently edited gig was suddenly denied without tell me the reasons. This so surprising and confusing because I just edited my gig just only to change the title to be more interesting and then saved it without making any other change and suddenly my gig denied.

I can make sure that my gig is not the result of copying from someone else’s gig and my gig description is not containing any external link and not directing buyers to any profile or website. I don’t feel violating any TOS. They not even telling me the reasons.

I don’t know why this is happening, I am a new seller and I got a review on my denied gig. It’s important to me. Feel bad for me. :pensive:

They didn’t even respond to my request. I feel very wronged. :disappointed_relieved:

Don’t worry., This can be systematic deny which has fired mistakenly. If that’s the case you can recover your gig by contacting customer support. Just because you hardly believe that you didn’t broke any ToS It’s better you contact customer support and ask them what’s happened.

Thank you for your suggestion Scoopz. I just contacted customer support and still waiting. I hope it will be restored.

Just for information, it’s been 14 hours but they still don’t respond to my request yet. :pensive:

They closed my request WITHOUT solve my issue .