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I just finished my first order after 6 months!

Hi everyone !
I got my Wordpress order and completed it today, It was very funny and I hope it’ll be great in the future.

For these interested, I am Wordpress Web Developer & Symfony Developer so here’s my gig :

Already another order … haha
Maybe I have to change the gig’s image to get more clicks, what do u think ?



Congrats for your first order. Try to design your own images and even video description to define your gig.


hi, congratulations on your first order. Keep online more time and analyze more . Hope you got your next order soon.

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Congrats for your first order. Keep it up.:slight_smile:

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congratulations keep going

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Congrats on the completion

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The first image is mine but I’m waiting to have more orders to put them on the gig or a portfolio … Thanks!

congrats on your first order. try consisting for more

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Congratulations :tada::tada::tada:

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Congratulation! keep it up. keep it up