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I just got a 2.3 rating

I got a 2.3 rating on my gig the client said I am not very creative and I didn’t send psd files. I thought everything was ok because he went MIA for 4 days. After the rating I asked to try and help him even though he gave me a bad rating. Is there a way I could of handled the situation. Will this effect me with getting orders now? I feel bad because he said I wasn’t creative and he was not happy.

I always ask before delivering if the client is completely satisfied.

If he is not then I don’t deliver the files and try and work things out with the buyer.

If that doesn’t work out then I cancel the order.


I got that too. The seller just left a bad review without telling me what went wrong even there were 3 revisions included which he never use them. Don’t let this affect your mood, they will be gone.

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I talked to him he said he made a mistake

Dear @crystaldayton,

It sounds bad hearing of your problem you have faced. I don’t know why some buyers don’t use the revisions! This bad rating can slightly affect your gig to get next order as you know the upcoming buyer must go through your previous work records or the feedback given by the previous buyers. But don’t worry. Sometimes bad reviews can help you get an order. How? Bad reviews represent you that you are not a robot. Every man has his limit in his life. So, there might be something that can’t go to the will of some people. Try heart and soul to make your buyer satisfied. You tried but failed? Just leave that up.

Let them know that you are a human being and you are here to satisfy the people but not of course all the people! Move on. Best of Luck.

Kind Regards,
Minthal Ahmed Masum

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Then use the resolution center and have him change his review. You can only ask him once and that will give him the ability to modify the review.

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How can the client know if he is satisfied if you did not deliver anything?


In logo design, you keep sending the client updates based on their feedback.

They can see the design and based on it they can asses if it is exactly what they we’re looking for or not.

If you find the right recipe for how to package the delivery files and explain them right they will never have an issue with them. I’ve never had an issue with the delivery files.

I talked to him and said hi sorry you were unhappy I don’t mind that you gave me a bad review I am more unhappy that your weren’t happy with the work I did. He said sorry and said he would revise his order if I made some changes for him. I said ok no problem.


Then it’s all right. Try more cordially to make him cool and friendly to you. From your saying, I am hoping your clients will change his/her review.

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Recently one of my buyers also gave less rating buy mistake. Fiverr will not allow to change the rating for good reasons. Buyer also felt very bad about his mistake.

Don’t think more about that @crystaldayton , we have to keep move on.

You can request a review change if you wish.

That’s very unfortunate! Some clients just won’t be satisfied no matter what you do, which is truly a shame. As long as it didn’t dip your overall rating below 4.5, it shouldn’t affect you too harshly. If it did, you won’t be able to send offers to buyer requests, which is harsh, but you can power through, I’m sure!