I Just Got Demoted From Level 2 to Level 2! First Victim I Guess!


So this just happned with me :wink:

Demoted to level two, I think it's a bug in mob app
Not understanding how a new seller has level 2 rating and is considered Pro in like 2 seconds

Hah! I love this type of system error.


BTW, I still did not get the email! Not even in the spam folder!


it’s fiverr bug, i think :slight_smile:


"Order Complition"?


They updated new mobile app which might the reason. However, new update is amazing.


it showing me 100% :wink:


Still updating my App :slight_smile: thanks


Yep I got the same. Of course thanks to two mutual cancellations my completion rate is 89%, so tomorrow I expect to actually go down.

Planning to be online today in hopes of catching one or two more sales, but then again, since I never see myself online (I think I read something about a search glitch) it might not help.


Hate to break it to you but @eoinfinnegan was the first confirmed victim…


Is that a joke or did you really get that OP?


I really got it! It was a screenshot of my phone.


You just broke my hearts…


That’s going to give people who aren’t expecting it heart attacks.

I just tried to favorite your gig and couldn’t.


Oooh. Spooky :ghost:


Frank is right. :sunglasses:

See Eoin’s post he provided screenies, too.


Yep, I was first and I managed to put it in an existing thread and not create a new one!


Maybe it’s just bug.


It’s only the IOS version. The Android version is running smoothly without any bugs/errors.


I nearly had a heart attack when I saw mine this morning when I woke up and opened the phone app, especially since I need today to get above 90% completions. I hadn’t even had my coffee!!!