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I just got hacked $700

I have been on Fiverr for almost a year now. However, the last three months have been the toughest as I have 3 hacking attempts made at my account. A couple of minutes ago, a user on Fiverr commandeered my account and placed an order for $700. I opened a dispute twice, but since he/she had access to my account, he/she kept withdrawing my dispute. I sent to messages to customer support (still waiting on their reply). As of now, I just lost $700. I really hope Fiverr customer support comes through. I am in total confusion as I speak. I could really use on the help in the world now.

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It was sorted out for you the last time so hopefully it will be this time too.
CS are the only ones who can do anything and if you have contacted them then that is all you can do for now.


If you are still able to sign in then you should change your password to lock-out the other person.

Create a new email address specifically for fiverr and change it to that.

If you used the old password on other sites, you need to 1) NEVER EVER EVER USE THE SAME PASSWORD on any site of consequence. And, 2) Go and change those passwords ASAP. Going forward, make a habit of changing your critical passwords on a frequent basis.

If their fraud prevention team is on the ball, they should be able to determine that the other requests came from somewhere nowhere near where you connect from, and reverse the damage.


The hacker is even countering my support tickets. This is pure heartlessness. I have never seen such negative persistence all my life

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I’m confused. Did he order something from a seller for $700?

Did you receive any spam recently that had an .exe file or something suspicious?

Can you change your password?

He/she has total control over my account

Send an email to with all the details if your tickets are being cancelled/deleted.

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How is that possible? How did you know there were 3 hacking attempts? I’m confused.

Can you elaborate on what the hacker is doing?
Screenshots of the hacker countering your tickets would greatly cure my curiosity.

Have you told anyone your password? Can it be your sibling/parent/employee?

Did anyone send you a suspicious message/email recently?

Please share with us more info so that we can learn and take precaution.

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Sorry to hear that.
I wish there would be an"Emergency Fiverr CS team" to cope with issues like this specifically for victims of hackers.

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Whatever seller he ordered from won’t get paid and you will get your money back.

What did he order that cost $700?

The first two times, the hacker sent a malicious code which I reported to Fiverr. Fiverr CS sorted that out. But this time, it was almost as though the hacker had full access of my account. Turning my vacation mode and fiddling with my messages.

It all began with a strange user saying he/she is available for work which I wanted to offer last month (mind you, I have never had any previous contact with the seller before). He/she then sent an offer for a caricature ($600). I declined it and promised to report to CS instantly. While trying to get to CS, he/she sent and accepted a $700 offer. I opened two disputes which he/she withdrew and then delivered the order - A man on a skateboard with some Spanish underneath (marking it as complete). After which he/she tells me “until next time”.

I immediately open a ticket with Fiverr support as regards the order. He/she updates the ticket saying that it was not a hack and that all has been sorted out, telling CS to have a blessed day.

That;s the current situation am in.


Sorry to hear that …