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I just got level 1 account with little effort and remained inactive for 2 months

Hi guys, this is my profile.
Luckily, I got my first order of 530$.
So, level 1 requirement for earning completed.
Now, I made some changes to my gigs and they are de ranked. Do not know why.
My gigs are:

  1. Monthly Local SEO service
  2. [KW research]
  3. [Competitor analysis]
  4. [Complete SEO research including above KW research
  5. [PPL niche research]

Can some body look at them and guide me what needs to be improved?
I do not want to sell my services at a cheap level.
Kindly look at my gigs and suggest improvements.


First of all congo for your LVL 1…
I do see 1 image in your gig but why?
you can add more images regarding the service point it is more elegant:)

Besides I don’t know I can be the wrong end of the day the price is up to you but it is quite expensive I would rather say get the price high little by little…
Please check your related keywords regarding your services those 5 keywords can effect ranking too:D

There are plenty of topics going on here…
You can explore them

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Sure, I will add further images, side by side.
I have tried to optimize KW, is it not the case?