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I just got my first less than 5 star review

This is my 48th review. Interestingly even though I got a 4.7 rating, my overall rating is still 5.0

I’m wondering about the algorithm that decides how strong of a presence our account has in search…

Is it better to get a 4.7 review than no review at all?

I cancelled one order over a month ago because I didn’t want to do it. that slowed down my search presence… then another cancellation a week or so ago made it even worse. and somehow my percentages dropped into the red for only the days surrounding the review instead of promotion I got demotion. lol.

Slower business gives me time to build a “fiverr approved” blogspot portfolio, expand my knowledge-base, and begin working on making my own personal blog once the portfolio is up and running.

I suppose since blogspot is a fiverr approved link for my portfolio, I can even drop a link here in the forum once its ready, I’d love to share with you all some of the stuff I’ve been working on.

have a nice day :slight_smile:

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Sorry to hear you were demoted as you were looking to be level 2 :frowning_face:

Easy playing with cancellations can only be done when you’re unleved as you have no level to risk - you can’t be demoted any further, you only risk promotion. Once leveled, that’s a whole different story and you must balance the best play- sometimes would be cancelling others, take the shot of a bad review. The latter will depend on how many good reviews you already have to absorb the bad one.

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I believe you should have no trouble getting the low review!

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