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I just got my first negative review filled with lies

I just made a, in my opinion, awesome soccer logo for a guy who ordered without contacting me first. I ask him a few simple questions about what he wants from his logo and he responds “team name , roma city , sport , soccer , new team , team color orange , bleu,” and that’s it so I get to work and try to work with orange and blue. I sent them the logo and no response for over a day. I have 3 days to finish my gig and I was already inching closer to 3 days so I go ahead and decide to design a home and away jersey (one of my gig extras) and submit it. I expected a request for a revision if the buyer doesn’t like the logo or the jerseys but instead he marks the order as complete and posts a review saying this "wrong logo . i ask for a legionaire roman soldier with soccer ball under his foot , and the coliseum next , i get a triangle with croice , the color are terrible,"

It was a bit frustrating that I’ve had nothing but positive reviews and I get a 1 star review for someone who never communicated any of that information to me. I can take pictures of our messages and everything for proof. I hate having a 1 star review now.

Anyone else have a similar issue?

Some people just stink. Sorry that happened to you

Believe me Fiverr CS care about sellers. They will do justice with you.

They removed negative review after checking complete history.

CS may not remove it, but if they don’t, you did right by leaving your own feedback to counter theirs. Most buyers will take that into consideration. Don’t fret too much!

emeraldawnn said: CS may not remove it, but if they don't, you did right by leaving your own feedback to counter theirs. Most buyers will take that into consideration. Don't fret too much!

Great explanation and tip!

Tis always happens but if you continue doing a great work the negative review will not affect you after several positive ones :slight_smile:

Update for all of you awesome people giving me encouraging words. Last night I got a response from the buyer. He told me he submitted it somewhere but I search and couldn’t find it. He offered to give me a 2nd chance and purchase the gig again but I told him not to worry about it. I’ll deliver it through the inbox so he doesn’t have to spend more money. He wanted a design that wasn’t in my skill set (I create sports team/soccer logos and he wanted a mascot of sorts). He agreed to change his review and so we worked things out.

Yikes, that’s my biggest fear. If you have hundreds of reviews, a 1 star won’t affect you but with just 6 reviews it would be devastating. That’s why I only do simple “you like, you buy” gigs, I don’t envy you graphics guys.

Great to hear that it all came out in the wash.
I can’t speak for everyone, but when I see a single ‘one star’ review among a heap of ‘five stars’, it makes me think “What was that guy’s problem?” rather than “What’s wrong with the product?”

I had a similar situation today - 16 days ago I translated a document - the buyer said thank you he would use my service again. TODAY, I get a instant message demanding his money be returned - supposedly some friends had read the translation. When I asked him why he didn’t bring this to my attention when I completed 16 days ago he stated that it took him some time to find someone who could read German. I tried to reason with him and he left me a one rating – I feel like he was trying to pressure me into refunding his money and when I wouldn’t budge he held a low rating to my otherwise high score - Like the originator of the message, I’m worried that this will harm my business.

Reply to @gailbunning: It’s all good. I’ve completed 10 orders and have had overwhelmingly positive results. Just bummed this one brings my reviews down and it’s not even true.

Reply to @jamshed_khan: How do I go about contacting them?

Reply to @emeraldawnn: thanks! Just a little nervous it will deter people from ordering my gig after having so much success. This is something I do on the side and I really enjoy it. The past few designs I’ve literally turned to my wife and showed her excitedly a logo I’d finished!

Reply to @timberflynn: That is great to hear. :slight_smile: