I just got my Level 2 em excited


Hi kehkishan here

I just got my level two after removal of even level one because of one wrong gig
I’m so excited to share that I manage to regain it

Yupppy :smiley:


:champagne: :tada: Congrats :slight_smile:


Yeah! Reaching new levels is the best! Such a warm, yummy sense of accomplishment.


Congrat :slight_smile: best of luck being top rated seller ^^


My Congrats ! :+1: keep working on. Best of luck.


congrats :heart::birthday: :tada:
For you Some TIPS


Congrats for you success. Just do your best and maintain quality , Hope you will be get TRS badge soon. Thanks :slight_smile:


Congratulations on your awesome achievement




Love to hear that. I just wish to achieve that too. Congratulations.Keep it up :+1:


Congratulations… Well done… . Great comeback!!!


Thank you all of you :slight_smile:


You will :slight_smile:


How did you manage that? Any tip?


Show yourself online maximally, respond your clients quickly and give quality and most important timely services
Never demand too much if you think he/she can pay always give custom offers according to your packages so he/she can trust you for future projects
Be polite but not cheesy



Congratulations. Best wishes for your success!:slight_smile:


Woohooooo congratulations on your success!


congratulations, wishing you for the best :slight_smile:


That is so awesome! Congratulations!


wooohooo hahaha I love that