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I just got reported for no reason by an uncooperative buyer

So, here’s the story.

A lot of customers have praised me for my communication with them because I was always helpful before even an order started. That’s the major reason I have repeat customers. Then, in comes this one buyer who placed an order before even contacting me regarding my pricing and other details of my gig when I specifically told the buyer in the gig description to do that. So, okay no problem, I’ll just start right away even though that the gig requested is supposed to be priced at 100USD+ (buyer bought the 20USD gig).

I have been communicating with him very well but that isn’t reciprocated. Every single detail that he told me right from the start and order requirements was vague and incomplete. I even gave him 2 extra revisions on top of my already offered 3 revisions. Sure, no problem. Then comes the 4th and 5th revisions, he makes utterly nonsensical reasons about the deliveries. The 5th delivery comes in. He made a mark of “The instruments are too high pitched. Change it or just cancel the order” (I’m a music producer). Mind you, out of the 4 previous revisions, he did not tell me to change any instruments. Just remove one specific instrument. Now suddenly, I wake up with a report on my account for “using the delivery button to send incomplete, partial, or an empty delivery.” I have delivered everything that was asked for and more.

How do you deal with this? What can I do to resolve this? Does Fiverr reverse account reports? Thank you!


You should have cancelled here.

That said, you can contact Customer Support at
. or
if you feel the flag was malicious or an attack. (There’s no guarantee they’ll reverse it, but you should still report your side of the story.)


I agree with @imagination7413
Your current rating is 4.9 with 39 reviews. I afraid if you got 1 star rating…, you will drop below 4.8. It will hurt your overall business greatly.

Personally, i think better just to cancel the order and move on.
Bad things happens and better to focus on the incoming order.

Yes…, there are many case, where seller abused with bad buyer, and Fiverr CS help the seller.
Provide them with your gigs order, screen shot of your chats etc…,
Still it will took lots of time, effort and waste your energy to deal with just $20 project.

Best of luck.
Hope you can solve this dispute soon.


Me three

Your mistake was in not offering to upgrade the order and then having CS cancel for you once the “buyer” made it clear they were not there with love in their heart and a spring in their step.

I still think you should have a chat with CS showing how this whole job has gone. See if you can just get it cancelled. No good will come of this person and you really should have never let them in.



Hi! Thank you for your reply. I honestly don’t care about the $20 anymore. I’m just afraid of the flag because it’s inevitable for someone to abuse it again. I’ve already messaged Fiverr CS regarding my side. I just want to reverse the flag because after I’m finished with 1 order of mine, it will rocket me to Level 2 Status. The flag just delayed that part.


The buyer already cancelled it via the CS (reason why I got flagged) without contacting me. That’s how uncooperative he is.


You let this get too far. I understand but part of being in business is to protect yourself. Like being a soldier, you have to shoot the bad guys - whilst avoiding being shot.

You saw the vampire at the door but instead of saying, You shall not pass, you invited him in, said Here, have a seat whilst I open a vein for you, and then let him suck, and suck, and suck. Chances are he always intended to leave without so much as a biscuit to keep your blood sugar up.

Maybe you can get CS to reverse the judgment but if not, while that person is a POS, you let them in and said it was ok.

Work on having a strong Requirements Form and really check that all is in order before starting. If it isn’t talk to client asking/offering what is needed to make it work and if they wont play right, get CS to cancel the job seeing you can never complete it successfully.

This is part of being a real professional. You seem very young, this is all part of learning.



Thank you so so much! All is noted and will be considered on from this day moving forward. I hope you have a nice day!

And yes, I’m just turned 18 last year


This is because when you delivered the revisions order then you have not attached any files on order delivery box. SO please be careful because there are so hard system.

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Hello there! I have attached different files for every single revision. I did not forget to attach when delivering. :slight_smile:


In my opinion you ignored several classic red flags that this order wasn’t going to end well.

  1. The moment you noticed the buyer had purchased the wrong gig I would have sent them a gig extra to cover the difference - explaining that unless they pay the difference you won’t be starting work and you reserve the right to cancel the order. Had they apologised and said “sorry, my mistake I’ve made the payment” - fair play, they get a second chance.

  2. It’s never wise to start work with only vague instructions. It’s like feeling your way in the dark. It’s tiring, time consuming, stressful - and highly unlikely to achieve a positive result. Some clients aren’t capable of communicating very well - it doesn’t mean you’re forced to work with them.

  3. And then extra free revisions! No!

Anyway, as others have said - contact customer support. My advice would be to keep your complaint simple and to base it solely on the fact that you delivered what the buyer asked for.

Don’t allow yourself to get distracted by points 1, 2 and 3 - as it complicates your case and makes it look like you lost control. And avoid a long and emotional rant. Keep it brief and simple. And remember, buyers do not have to contact you before ordering - even if it makes sense to discuss a project.


Thank you so much! Everything is noted.

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I hope you can solve this problem soon