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I just got robbed on fiverr

Hi. I’ve been here for years buying services. I recently got in contact with someone from ******** . he done some basically stuff, paid him all good. Few days later he was pestering me for more work i said no thank you. He has gone and deleted all the work i paid him for and removed an SSL i paid for too. Luckily for me i changed my panel logins.

The seller is: *********.

How do i file a complaint and get my money back and amend my review???


Mod Note: :clipboard: It is against the Forum Rules to negatively call out a buyer or seller. You may send the username to Customer Support if the user has actually violated the Fiverr Terms of Service, but the public forum is not the right place forrname call-outs.


Contact CS directly through the Zendesk thingy, give them the order number and details, attach screenshots of everything for proof and write a few brief paragraphs politely. That’s the formula.


Provide me link pls and i will do so

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@wp_kid (or another mod) added it to your post, but here it is again:


That is so unprofessional. :roll_eyes:

I predict that after CS hears about this, the seller will get at the very least a warning and he may lose his account.


Yeah, just an FYI to other sellers. Don’t do this. This sellers gonna a get banned eventually for spam…


If you change the panel login access, how can the seller delete your work?
Maybe next time if you do job, make sure after the job completed you secure your position.

If the job is graphic design, download all file and ask for source file if it necessary.
If it some other job that need the seller to access your admin area of something, change the access once the job is done.

If you have proof, then you can contact to the customer support, they will take an action against the seller

Hay, first of all make sure that the seller did so, because every buyer changes their login details after work done from a one time seller. we know because we do SEO and Web Development service. The buyers works with us regularly they never change, gave us a login for all time use when they need. and one time buyers change their login details after work done. So, make sure the work removed by mistake or the seller removed the work. And If you have only proof you can complaint to the seller.