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I just got scammed on Fiverr

I have a Wordpress site, and wanted to make some changes to the theme.

I found a seller who was willing to complete the project within a reasonable budget. I provided him the information and he claimed to have started on the project.

Within 3 days or so, he marked the project as “completed”. Fiverr immediately charged me. I told him he had not done any work, and asked him to produce the work.

The seller kept promising to do the work and Fiverr would automatically mark the project as completed on his say-so.

I requested Fiverr support to cancel the project, but never received a response from them.

At one point, I requested the order to be canceled, but it somehow got completed when the seller marked the project as so.

At this point, I have paid the money, there is no recourse on the Fiverr platform, and the amount has been charged. I will have to request my credit card company to refuse the payment, but I am not sure if they would do that.

Any advice?

Have you contacted fiverr support? When I’ve had problems with people, they told me exactly what to do. I’m sure their is someway to still dispute it with fiverr. Email them with your order number and hopefully they will give you your money back.

Contact customer support. I am confident you will be able to get a full refund. Report the seller as a scammer since he marked the order as complete without delivering any work which is clearly against Fiverr TOS!

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As far as I know, seller is able to ‘deliver’ the order, but the buyer is the only one who is able to mark the gig as complete. If the buyer doesn’t do so within 3 days, the gig automatically becomes completed.

That means you had 3 days to see that the order was delivered, and to request the modification or cancellation. Now, of course I’m not justifying the buyer who scammed you, but you could’ve prevented this one.

Correct me if I’m wrong.


Try to contact customer support, hopefully they will be able to help you!


Man I can’t believe people are that way man…

Of course there dubious people almost everywhere so sad, and to combat that like @kasijus said a buyer always have 3days period to make sure this doesn’t happen - by rejecting/cancelling the order.

You guys are replying on a 5 years old post. What are you doing? This is spamming. @zharkynalesh @kingsleyjone676 @christlik

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O_O well crap… …lol