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I just got scammeddd?

I can an order 2 days ago
I worked like 12 hours straight for that video
And cause yesterday was valentines
I got few hours late
The client didn’t had problem with it
He asked for revisions
Add this add that
And when the final video was ready
He said the video is poor and you are 5 hours late
And is trying to cancel the order lol
Hope no one goes through this
But let’s see what Fiverr customer support does


If you delivered the order late, the client is definitely eligible to request a cancellation.

However, if he said it was okay, that’s a little confusing. This may have been a problem of miscommunication! Hopefully it doesn’t result in a cancellation!


Well if you delivered poor quality work and late on top of them the client is the one who probably feels scammed


Never deliver late. You can either be slightly early (or on time).

Unless the client said it’s good, before you delivered the final work product… you don’t have a case.

Also, if you got the customer service involved, they may review your work and decide at their end if your work is bad… like the client said. Of course, there is some bad will involved on the side of the client.

I had previously asked the customer service to be the judge of a seller’s work product; they canceled it without telling me.


The quality is not poor he said that cause he wanted the work for free
I told him not do not upload the video I will put a copyright claim on it
Then he hesitated and said I’ll pay half
If the quality was actually bad he wouldn’t have said it and wouldn’t have asked for all the revisions at the first place

We as a forum members can not know that. Only fiverr CS will be able to look at that.


You sort of earned that cancellation by how you handled yourself. Not professional at all. The client could care less if it was Valentine’s day and you were going to take your sweetheart out and romance them - they want their stuff before or by the deadline you agreed to when they ordered. You do set the time frame for delivery, not the buyer.

Customer support is not going to side with you on this. What you should have done if you truly did run into some time issues was use the Resolution Center to ask for an extension so your order would not be late.

The buyer has every right to be annoyed with you and want to cancel.



How does Valentines influence work schedule, it is not national holiday or anything, just an ordinary day like any other.

I only delivered late once in a year and that was this month due to Fiverr inbox system deleting vector files sent in inbox, it keeps only PNG and JPG files after a while, and client failed to attach vector file in order box.

Try to avoid delivering late. Extend delivery time so you have xtra room.