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I just had 1 order , why?

Hi,i’m new at fiverr , i create my gigs :
-Do Professional Mail Chimp Newsletter Template
-Be a virtual assistant ( data enty , typing…)
i had my first order and i completed it (easly with 5starts)
but now i didn’t get any more orders :frowning:

Check out: for hundreds of tips on how to get orders.

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What are you doing to earn your orders? Are you marketing and promoting your gig like any good business does? Are you reaching out to the target customers who need your services? Or are you just sitting back, waiting for things to happen?

Successful sellers take action, and are constantly DOING things. Sitting back and expecting success randomly appear is a terrible business strategy.

If you want sales and success, your are going to have to take action, build your business, creative eye-catching gigs, and connect to the people who need your services.