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I just had the best client ever


So I had some client ask me to do a “big project” worth 12-15K words. I am OK with writing that, especially as I believed it to be a bunch of smaller articles. So then he sends me websites from a car checking place. I am not the best at automobiles, so I tend not to write anything technical in nature.

I asked him what exactly he wanted, and he sent me an Excel sheet with keywords, “difficulty”, etc. Look, if you want me to write you something, just tell me what you want me to write, and then say “here are some keywords.” Not this crazy Excel nonsense, as I don’t understand it at all.

I then decided to tell him I can’t do the work because I was not feeling right about this order, and besides, I doubt the client would have been OK with paying the 2300$ I would have charged him with such a task. But when I told him it was far too confusing, he responds with:


Nope. I am not a fast-food cashier, you don’t get to talk to me like that. I responded with "Have a wonderful day, sir. Don’t contact me again :slight_smile: " and then blocked him immediately.

Look. I try to be as nice as possible to all of my customers. But sometimes I just can’t.

If he wants to try again and lay out the issue, I will gladly charge him 6500$ instead.


Once I also told: "Good Luck :wink: " on a buyer who told me I can’t understand English and will search for another seller.


You did the right thing.


I don’t think you got the point of the post…


I don’t think he read the post


I agree with you that it was rude of him to say that “research” message and he shouldn’t have said that.

Though with that Excel thing and with the order probably being a “bunch of smaller articles” he might have been wanting to show the info/requirements (keywords etc.) about the bunch of articles he wanted in a more lined-up/formatted way or a way easier to see the info about all the articles required for the order at a glance (eg. a bit like a table of info in Word?) - though I doubt the Excel way would work very well when there are long descriptions of requirements for each article.


It was very good of you to ask for clarification before he booked your gig. If you had cancelled after his booking it would have definitely affected your rating to other viewers.

These buyers can be so unpredictable sometimes. You have to just try and AVOID the ones who seem like they will be trouble. Continue to focus on doing a great job!


The excel thing, I do get excel tables with keywords and an extra tab that counts if and how often the keywords are used, might be that.


These bullies are lucky that we the sellers cannot unleash a storm of f’s over them because of Fiverr TOS, you were very nice to him btw


@bookbd If you want help you need to make your own post under the category Improve My Gig.