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I just had to laugh

Hey Guys,

The latest in the ranting pot. This one had me dying of laughter as that is all I could do.

A new member on Fiverr, contacts me for a job at about 4:00am or so, naturally, I’m asleep, so I didn’t see it. I woke up to two messages, the initial one and one wondering why I haven’t responded, all in the space of two hours. I start my day at 9:30am, so I replied to this message at 10:57am after a long line of messages. [Flag 1]

After I responded, the person responds about 20 minutes later, we discuss the project going forward and I ask for a clarification on a certain part as with that particular gig (translation work) it’s not a simple word for word translation but structure, culture and more must be taken into consideration. The person then decides to rudely ask if I have some disability, and ironically stated that he/she cares about people’s feelings. [Flag 2]

Moving on smartly, still giving this person a chance, I ask them to kindly respond to my inquiry. They person then tells me to send an offer, I request the answer again, now the person says, that I don’t seem to be interested because I haven’t sent an offer and starts playing a race card and I quote “people of color always got some junk they coming to the table with, beat it okay.” [Flag 3].

So… I reported the message and that’s it.

What an ordeal to wake up to, at least… I had a good laugh…

Sorry, but are you a person of color? (Sorry if that sounds silly but I have no idea what the right PC term for anything is anymore). If so, I hope that this person received an immediate ban from Fiverr as there is really no excuse for this.

I personally think people like this are often out to purposefully incite feelings of aggression and disempowerment in everyone they meet but I bet/hope that they would be nice as pie in the real world where such actions have consequences.

When I first started out freelancing I landed a job on another site writing a full-length health and diet book for a client. This was a phenomenal job for me at the time and at first, the client was really nice in all communications.

Anyway a week before the deadline when I was just in the final process of creating the actual ebook files for Amazon and Smashwords, the buyer turned insanely hostile. First, it was “I expected you to be finished by now,” then “obviously I’ve made a BIG mistake approaching you for this,” and later “I hope that you realise that I can’t possibly pay you the agreed price due to your sheer arrogance and ineptitude.”

In the end, I simply couldn’t bare to point my eyes at the insanity they were sending me each day. I, therefore, cancelled the order last minute and published the book myself under a pseudonym and different title to teach them a lesson. Makes me about $2 a month and I class that $2 as compensation for attempting to destroy me emotionally.

Thanks for the reply. To answer your first question, I am mixed, but the individual on the screen to whom the person believed I was is of colour, as we work together, me being the videographer, the person being the translator. I found it quite distasteful, especially after the disability thing because I asked for clarification, I thought that someone would appreciate the time taken by someone else to truly understand your project, but apparently not.

Sorry to hear about your circumstance as well on another site, and I agree that these persons sometimes are out to do what they do. All we can do is bare and move on and let it not ruin the day (which is easier said than done).

All the best to you on future projects.

All the best for your future projects also. I just checked out your gigs and really like your offerings. I’m just sorry that these kind of people come around from time to time.

What I am happy about though, is the fact that it’s easy to simply shut such people out. In fact, I earn a lot less money working online than I used to in my real world career but I love being my own boss. It’s liberating and I have to say, the majority of the people I work with are phenomenally appreciative and nice to work with.

Also, the book thing was over three years ago now so I’m over it :slight_smile:

At the first sign of rudeness I end all communication, cut it off immediately.
They will continue on to see how much they can get away with. It is not something I need to tolerate. It is one of the perks of being self employed. I can choose who I communicate with and stop it when someone has shown they do not deserve my time.


As with Miss Crystal, I end it before it even begins. Impatient or rude individuals get absolutely no response from me. Those types cannot stand the idea of being ignored or not responded to. It’s old fashioned spam in my book.

Same, esp if they abuse me in any shape or fashion, I tell them to hit the road and welcome to the report button! :slight_smile:

I am brown. I am a man of color. I have a colorful life. I am a colorful man. \m/

Reporting was the best thing to do. But, for the next time, reply with, “K”

Make sure to use capitalized “K”

It pisses them off even more. :smiley:



@enmaki, it didn’t piss me off as you didn’t use, “K”, small caps doesn’t work that way.


minimum effort though. @muthinbiaji

Yes, it is somehow working :smiley: