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I just had to post this... A seller gave me an offer of 2000 dollars to buy the City of Phoenix logo in a blue fade

I too have experienced nothing but scams lately. The best thing to do is find a seller and stick with them. Many scam sellers dont read the details of any requests, they just blow up your section with 5 dollar - 2000 dollar offers. The good ones are already have jobs in the cue. I got so sick of this crap that yesterday I asked one of those sellers if I could buy the rights to his profile pic logo. He asked me how much I would be willing to pay. I said, Sir I will pay good money, (anytime they respond with “sir” I take it as an instant scam). We came to an agreement on this “copyrighted logo”. 2000 dollars! Little did he know I already knew it was the City of Phoenix bird logo. After I called him out on it he apologized profusely. I then reported him. Next day I logged in Fiver told me I was repremanded for “Threatening” a seller! The seller had already deleted his profile pic. I can’t believe the monstrosity that goes on in customer service. Are they scammers too? lol


That is a respectful term used around a large part of the world. I’m in the UK and still start a formal letter with ‘Dear Sir/Madam’. It may not be what you’re used to but it’s not an instant sign of a scam.

You could just have reported the seller’s profile without needing to contact the seller at all.

No they’re not, but it’s nice to see they’re looking out for the welfare of sellers as well as buyers. (I’m not a seller BTW.)



You knew the logo on his profile was borrowed from elsewhere, so you decided to play a game of :cat: cat & mouse. :mouse::cheese:

Instead of confronting the Seller, wouldn’t it have saved you time if you just reported the Seller? There are many amazing Sellers on this platform. However, there will always be a few bad :apple: in the bunch; if you encounter one just block and report them.

Calling Customer Support scammers is unnecessary. They are kind & wonderful people doing their jobs.


So what? I played the game of “cat and mouse”? My time is valuable too. Going through these fake profiles is getting arduous. There are very simple measures that can be taken to screen some of these sellers. Sorry for not being politically correct, but enough is enough. Sure, I will take 3 minutes to teach a seller a lesson who obviously stole a logo and lied about it. Of course I reported it, but Fiverr does nothing. Google fiverr scams… its rampant. And I mean RAMPANT.

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With broken English including “hello Sir Please accept job”, followed by a pushy immediate invoice, is not a stab at “polite sellers”. I’m sorry you missed the point. It goes without sayin that Fiverr looks out for sellers too. If you really want to get down to the nitty gritty Fiverr looks out for buyers a little too much, (according to the thousands of independent reviewers on the internet). What Fiverr should be admonished for is keeping the 2 bucks after a new buyer is scammed a few times. (Some of the best sellers are in ******** IMO btw…) edited ************.
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Can i ask lets say online market place does not exist. You still do the same thing with local seller don’t you.

it is not try to have your logo done at local shop. You still dealing with same situation at least on fiverr you can report the person.
and one more thing if you want to google negative thing about any website which have a large audience you will find it. Welcome to the internet.

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You must’ve said something to warrant this warning. This is why confrontation is never a good idea. Let Fiverr do their jobs, it’s not my job to search & destroy. But do whatever floats your :sailboat: boat.

Meh, my time is too :watch: valuable to scourer the net to read Fiverr reviews good or bad ones.

Besides, I take negative reviews with a grain of salt.

Until I experience an issue with a particular website. I’ll give the Website/Seller the benefit-of-the-doubt first before I cast judgment.


Did you threaten him?

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I’m not sure what you mean. Local seller? The whole point of Fiverr is to tap into a broad worldwide marketplace, correct? I’m not sure what you mean, or if youre being presumptuous… I see many condecending replies… but I dont sweat it

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Uh, no… I didnt threaten anyone. I said his account should be deleted for breaking the Law, and violating Fiverr’s TOS

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I don’t know why they would send you that reprimand then. They don’t do that usually.

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local seller you go into the shop at your locality. that’s what i mean.

Online market place is lot more safer at least for fiverr, you will have your money return. But in the local market it will be bit difficult and will take long.

Online market places don’t create heaven but they are far more better than local market. Trust me telling you from experience, but as you do your homework and research in local market you have to do the same in online market (but less trust me it is less)

i am not being condescending in any way. I am saying even my local restaurant have negative feedback. and you are saying just google fiverr scam it rampant. In short you can not base your whole picture on negative feedback. not every one is always happy with the service

To be honest you find some thing which is not legit is not a big deal just report the person and move on.

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Not really. If you read many of the independent reviews, many many sellers have had poor experiences. I have an open ticket right now. My credit card worked just fine the first gig I paid for. Then every time after it doesnt work. I have talked to 13 reps about it. Literally ALL of them are giving me the run around, I am being told that my bank is rejecting the transaction, however they aren’t. It has been one month and they are “still looking into it”, even after I have told them my bank approves the transaction, then Fiverr immediately refunds it. The last customer service rep said “our payment source must not like you”. Really? customer service from a billion dollar company would say that to me? I’m forced to use my PayPal which I don’t really like using. When a payment goes through, they close the ticket until I request to reopen it. I have been nothing but cordial. I have some really good relationships with a couple designers on here which I highly regard. But I am tired of swimming through the murky water trying to facilitate other ideas.


I had to tell this story. I work very hard for my money. Fiverr apparently needs some serious auditing. I don’t scour this platform looking for counterfeit logos, or trouble. I have paid some serious money to sellers. But when youre going to blatantly defraud the 6th largest city in the United States, you deserve to be confronted about it.

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I personally don’t work with anyone unless they can give me some sort of guarantee. I believe many outside designers commission Fiverr or other freelance sellers anyway. Sorry for misreading your statement. Of course anyone would have to apply the same principles when finding a seller locally. But keep in mind a seller isn’t so much compelled to give horrible service to someone who they might confront in person. We rely on reviews in order to make a judgement call to create a statement of work. But on here, Fiverr is a part of that SOW.

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That seems to be a popular logo to copy:

(sorry for the long url)

That link shows the logo associated with many resources attatched to the City of Phoenix. They are all also red. The one this seller had was blue with a gradient.

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It shows a lot of things that are not associated with the city of Phoenix, for example MV Enterprises in New Delhi.

It’s a popular logo. Easily searched. All the reason why a logo designer should know better.

You know that anyone can set up a gig here from any place in the world. This is a search engine for anyone who wants to make a gig and try to sell something. While you are correct that people shouldn’t take logos that are already in use it’s not really surprising that it happens, considering the variety of countries and people who post gigs here.

People in far away places as young as 13 can post a gig here.

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